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Posts published in “Day: May 5, 2019”

4-year-old girl may have been kidnapped by men in truck, police say

Her stepfather says men abducted his 1-year-old son, stepdaughter and himself. The father and son were released, but the 4-year-old girl is still missing.
Source: ABC News 6

Boeing didn't tell airlines that safety alert wasn't on

Boeing said Sunday that it discovered after airlines had been flying its 737 Max plane for several months that a safety alert in the cockpit was not working as intended, yet it didn’t disclose that fact to airlines or federal regulators until after one of the planes crashed.
Source: ABC News 6

The Kentucky Derby interference rule that disqualified Maximum Security

Rule 810 KAR1:016 calls for disqualification if “a leading horse or any other horse in a race swerves or is ridden to either side so as to interfere with, intimidate, or impede any other horse or jockey.”
Source: ABC News 6

Man critical after shot 8 times in Wynnefield Heights

According to investigators, the man pulled into the BP gas station in the 4200 block of Ridge Avenue around 12:30 a.m. Sunday stating he was shot near Monument Avenue and Ford Road after getting into an argument with another man.
Source: ABC News 6

Man found shot in head inside burning car in North Philadelphia, police say

Police said a 29-year-old man has died after he crashed his car while driving away from gunshots with a bullet in his head Saturday night.
Source: ABC News 6