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Conrad Weiser Middle School

Conrad Weiser Middle School

Our mission at Conrad Weiser Middle School is to work in partnership with parents and community to develop responsible citizens and independent learners, while promoting high expectations for each student.

Conrad Weiser Middle School is centered on engaging the whole student and providing an exploratory of learning opportunities.We have an excellent teaching staff that is dedicated to reaching each child, regardless of any extenuating circumstances.Our goal is to ensure each and every child has every possible opportunity to become a successful, productive member of our community.If we work together, we can accomplish tremendous feats.

Ensuring an excellent education is a team effort.Teachers, parents, students, counselors, administrators, and the community at large must work together with a common goal of providing an environment that promotes a strong work ethic, positive character examples, and rigorous curriculum with high expectations for success.Education is a lifetime commitment.

Welcome to the new school year.It is a time for a new beginning and a fresh start.We sincerely hope you will have a great year.We are here to support your success.

Character Counts in all aspects of life,