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Posts published in “Day: August 4, 2018”

20-foot whale shark trapped in heavy-duty fishing line freed by divers

The fishing line, estimated to weigh more than 150 pounds, was cutting into the emaciated animal’s body and threatening its life, wildlife officials said.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA

Hurricane Hector tracking for close call with Hawaii's Big Island, erupting Kilauea volcano

“Small but powerful” Hurricane Hector, currently a Category 3 storm, will pass within 200 miles of Hawaii’s Big Island, home to the still-erupting Kilauea volcano.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA

3 people rescued from Washington Township house fire

Three people were rescued by a neighbor from an overnight house fire in Washington Township, New Jersey.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA

5 brass plaques stolen from Phillies statues in South Philadelphia

A member of the Phillies security team says five brass plaques have been stolen from their statues in South Philadelphia.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA