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Posts published in “Day: September 22, 2018”

Curious sand tiger shark sneaks up behind scuba diver off NC coast

Diver Shelley Collett said she “had the sneaking suspicion that I was being watched” but never felt that she was in danger.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA

California man finds long-lost father through online DNA test

As Orange County Clerk-Recorder, Hugh Nguyen’s duties include officiating weddings and keeping a public history of life events. But the 50-year-old, himself, was missing a part of his own past.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA

FDA warns about pet flea and tick treatments that could cause seizures

The FDA says the drugs are safe to use for most animals, but it recommends pet owners talk to their veterinarian and review their pet’s medical history.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA

Get into national parks for free on Saturday 9/22 for National Public Lands Day

Though many national parks don’t charge an admission fee, those that normally do will waive the fee on Sept. 22.
Source: Channel 6 ABC Affiliate PA