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Posts published in “Day: September 14, 2019

Human remains found in Smyrna, Delaware believed to be those of child, police say

Police in Smyrna, Delaware say the human remains that were found in a baseball field on Friday are those of a child under the age of 10.
Source: ABC News 6

President Donald Trump to have dinner with Otto Warmbier's parents

President Donald Trump planned to have dinner Saturday with the parents of an American college student who died in 2017 shortly after being freed from captivity in North Korea.
Source: ABC News 6

Oldest living World War II veteran in US celebrates 110th birthday

A man considered to be the nation’s oldest living World War II veteran was serenaded and showered with kisses during a celebration of his 110th birthday.
Source: ABC News 6

Osama bin Laden's son killed in US counterterrorism operation, White House says

The White House statement says Hamza bin Laden’s death “not only deprives al-Qaida of important leadership skills and the symbolic connection to his father, but undermines important operational activities of the group.”
Source: ABC News 6

Shelter Me: Checking in on BeeJay, Philly's 26-pound viral cat

The local shelter cat took the internet by storm, crashing Morris Animal Refuge’s websites with thousands of retweets, likes and applications to take him in.
Source: ABC News 6

Over 2,000 preserved fetal remains found in home of deceased Indiana doctor

More than 2,000 medically preserved fetal remains were found on the property of a doctor who operated a clinic in Indiana and died earlier this month, authorities said.
Source: ABC News 6