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Posts published in “Day: October 15, 2019”

AccuWeather: Super soaker on the way Wednesday afternoon

Meteorologist Cecily Tynan says the morning rush will feature some sun, but the evening rush Wednesday will be a nightmare with heavy rain, low visibility, and flooded roads.
Source: ABC News 6

Democratic debate: Candidates spar over impeachment, health care, taxes

Democrats in Tuesday’s largest-ever presidential debate lined up in favor of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, hammering him for what they called corruption and lawlessness.
Source: ABC News 6

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders in the spotlight at 4th Democratic debate

A dozen Democratic presidential candidates will meet on Tuesday for the most crowded presidential debate in modern history. But it’s the three leading candidates who face the most intense spotlight.
Source: ABC News 6

Prosecutor from Wisconsin gunned down on Yap in Micronesia after run with dog

Friends said Tuesday that lawyer Rachelle Bergeron planned to soon return to the U.S. after a challenging stint prosecuting criminals on the Pacific nation of Micronesia, but she was shot and killed as she returned home from a run with her dog.
Source: ABC News 6

Ex-Fort Worth police officer charged with murder in fatal shooting of woman in her own home

A Fort Worth police officer who shot and killed a woman through a back window of her home has been charged with murder and booked into jail.
Source: ABC News 6

Woman arrested on Wildwood beach sues City of Wildwood, officers

Emily Weinman was arrested after she was caught on video assaulting a police officer attempting to subdue her back in May 2018. She has now filed suit against the city.
Source: ABC News 6