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Posts published in “Day: April 7, 2020”

Social distancing overwhelming funeral homes, crushing grieving families

Seventy-eight more Pennsylvanians died on Tuesday from the coronavirus. Both the volume of fatalities and the necessity of social distancing has overwhelmed the funeral business, and that is crushing grieving families.
Source: ABC News 6

'Good Morning America,' Feeding America to hold Day of Hope to raise awareness about food insecurity during coronavirus pandemic

An estimated 1 in 12 seniors and 1 in 7 children do not have access to nutritious food during the crisis, but we can all help make a difference.
Source: ABC News 6

Starting to wear a face mask in public? What you need to know about when you need to wash it and when you need to toss it

Surely by now you’ve seen people wearing them at the grocery stores. Perhaps you’ve donned one yourself. Here’s what officials are saying about the effectiveness of different types of masks.
Source: ABC News 6