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Posts published in “Day: September 29, 2020

Trump doesn't denounce white supremacists and militias during 1st presidential debate

Trump repeatedly didn’t answer the question, and contended, with no citation, that the violence came from left-wing groups.
Source: ABC News 6

First presidential debate: Face-to-face anger as Trump, Biden lash, interrupt each other

Over and over, Trump tried to control the conversation, interrupting Biden and repeatedly talking over the moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News.
Source: ABC News 6

President Trump calls out Philadelphia during first debate

President Donald Trump called out the City of Brotherly Love during the first presidential debate of 2020 on Tuesday night, saying “Bad things happen in Philadelphia.”
Source: ABC News 6

Presidential debate fact check: Claims from President Trump, Joe Biden's first debate

President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden sparred Tuesday in their first of three debates, hoping to sway undecided voters.
Source: ABC News 6

Titans suspend activities after positive COVID-19 tests, Vikings also stop activities

“On Tuesday morning, the Titans COVID testing results returned three new player positives and five new personnel positives,” the NFL said in a statement Tuesday morning.
Source: ABC News 6

Texas cheerleader targeted by 10 students who led officers to swarm her dorm with guns, family says

“I can’t sleep at night. It has made me paranoid. I was looking forward to making friends and having a good time on the cheer team,” the victim said.
Source: ABC News 6