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Passengers finally allowed off cruise ships after weeks at sea with sick, dead coronavirus patients

It was unclear when the bodies of four passengers who died on the Zaandam would be removed from the ship, which set sail on March 7.
Source: ABC News 6

Coronavirus empties Philadelphia museums, galleries, stages

The Arts community has a several billion dollar economic impact across the region, employing tens of thousands of people. The Philadelphia Art Museum by far being the biggest revenue maker tells Action News Thursday night that it’s extending it’s closure
Source: ABC News 6

Comedian Ali Wentworth describes experience after COVID-19 diagnosis

Wentworth is quarantined in her home and feeling OK. She said the only person who sees her is husband George Stephanopoulos, and she is isolating from her daughters.
Source: ABC News 6

Philadelphia expands food access and votes on emergency funding as COVID-19 cases surpass 2,000

Philadelphia City Council will hold a remote meeting on Thursday to vote on an emergency $85 million appropriation to help the city contain and mitigate the coronavirus outbreak, as the number of COVID-19 cases surpasses 2,000.
Source: ABC News 6

Philadelphia subculture still thinks coronavirus is a hoax, expert says

Philadelphia health officials want to emphasize that the coronavirus does not discriminate, “every racial and ethnic group, indeed every person in this city is at risk.”
Source: ABC News 6

Delaware governor further restricts public gatherings; death toll rises to 11

Governor John Carney is furthering his effort to enforce social distancing by limiting public gatherings, like weddings and funerals, to 10 people until May 15.
Source: ABC News 6