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Berks County real estate transactions for Dec. 10

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Albany Township
T. Jeffrey Kline to T. Jeffrey Kline and Julie Ann Kline, 3 Hawkfield Road, $1.
Alsace Township
Vicky R. Martin and Keith H. Eckert to Inocencia C. Hernandez and Ramon R. Hernandez, 2086 Mt Laurel Road, $365,000.
Elaine Louise Reichard to Elaine Reichard Irrevocable Trust, 17 Alpine Lane, $1.
Amity Township
Dwight Hensel and Patricia M. Hensel to Benjamin Arndt and Angela Arndt, 6 Yellow House Drive, $620,000.
John L. Deegan and Kathleen E. Deegan to Garry L. Mauger and Ashley R. Maack, 305 Willowwood Drive, $340,000.
Betty E. Krulik to Tomas Ortiz, 102 Highland Court, $400,000.
Michael R. Digiacomo and Angela B. Digiacomo to Michael R. Digiacomo, 103 Highland Court, $1.
William C. Wallace to William C. Wallace and Christine A. Wallace, 12 Leaf Creek Court, $1.
Joseph D. Hilbert to Zsc Properties LLC, 352 Levengood Road and Levengood Road, $125,000.
Bern Township
Travis L. Lenhart Estate to Colin Parmeter and Branwyn Parmeter, 1251 Upper Van Reed Road, $220,000.
Timothy G. Cox and Kimberly A. Cox to Timothy G. Cox, 258 Dickinson Drive.
Derek W. Odonnell to Stephanie K. Hasapes and James J. Russell, 19 Jeffrey Road, $385,000.
Matthew A. Stine and Debbie J. Stine to Michael Christopher Frank and Katie Michelle Bohn, 886 Center Road, $290,000.
Marian D. Englehart and Marian D. Englehart to Marian D. Englehart, 2480 Wilson St.
Bethel Township
George C. Fink Jr. Estate to Jacob Kelchner and Natalie Kelchner, 110 Airport Road, $100,800.
George G. Fink Jr. Estate to Jacob Kelchner and Natalie Kelchner, Airport Road, $19,200.
Theodore M. Bootie Jr. to Timothy D. Bootie, 132 Deck Drive, $223,000.
Daryl H. Burkholder and Sharon F. Burkholder to Delmas L. Burkholder and Lois Z. Burkholder, 1181 Little Mt Road, $280,000.
Stephen M. Martin and Jody M. Martin to David W. Sensenig and Donna Sensenig, Old Mt Road, $89,000.
Aida F. Behler to Thomas E. Behler and Aida F. Behler, 40 Klahr Road, $1.
Francisco Sanchez Tapia to Juana T. Sanchez and Jose J. Sanchez, 9582 Old Rte 22, $1.
Rosalind Eddinger Estate to Peter Thorburn and Darla Irish Thorburn, 3 Stauffer Drive, $261,000.
Gregory F. Josuweit and Kristy A. Josuweit to Patrick R. Reynolds and Vilma Reynolds, 16 Orchard Lane, $475,000.
Parrish K. Stauffer and Brenda E. Stauffer and Kenneth E. Heydt and Helen E. Heydt to Parrish K. Stauffer and Brenda E. Stauffer, 309 E. Philadelphia Ave., $1.
Ann E. Stanley Estate and Elsie Anna Ebner Estate to Jacob Hultz and Jenna Fritz, 210 Crest Drive, $315,000.
Brecknock Township
Tristan S. Halliday and Teala K. Halliday to John McRae and Janet McRae, 38 Fitterling Road, $162,000.
Centre Township
Timothy G. Cox and Kimberly A. Cox to Kimberly A. Cox, 433 Sleepy Hollow Drive.
Ronnies Investments LLC to Thomas M. Zimmerman, 302 Main St., $255,000.
Ronnies Investment LLC to Thomas M. Zimmerman, Fairview St., $110.
Mary E. Anspach and Karen A. Sullivan to Jason E. Strouse, 916 Main St., $274,000.
Colebrookdale Township
Floyd J. Hangey Jr. Estate to Patrick Daniel Schnobrich and Sydney Carr, 30 Alans Lane, $286,000.
Cumru Township
Kim M. Strouse and Kim A. Strouse and Helen M. Glovenski and Ricky J. Glovenski and Debra Ann Glovenski to James J. Mandelko and Diane Mandelko, 1926 Cedar Top Road, $331,000.
Christopher S. Uhl to Benton Investments LLC, 411 Tremont Ave., $290,000.
Kristen A. Kelly to Renee Buzby, 9 A Fairway Road, $137,500.
Brandon S. Bennett and Kristen L. Bennett to Victoria A. Jackson and Kimberly M. Jackson, 213 Tremont Ave., $350,000.
Patricia M. Long to Kyle Wollyung, 74 Medinah Drive, $256,000.
Jeffrey P. Altenderfer to Jeffrey P. Altenderfer and Susan B. Altenderfer, 103 Ridge St., $1.
Shirley P. Brown Estate to Red Rising Real Estate LLC, 15 Hampshire Road, $160,000.
Mark D. Grebe to Mark D. Grebe and Cynthia Ann Grebe, 502 Wyomissing Road.
Jason R. Vanatta to Brittany Smith, 162 Oakmont Court, $262,000.
Scott A. Vaughn to Scott A. Vaughn and Jill A. Vaughn, 2 Seven Springs Drive, $1.
District Township
Fred G. Grampp Estate to Susan A. Grampp, Weil Road, $1.
Fred G. Grampp Estate to Susan A. Grampp, 370 Landis Store Road, $1.
Fred G. Grampp Estate to Susan A. Grampp, Landis Store Road, $1.
Douglass Township
Telvil Corp to Nicholas M. Freitag and Jennifer J. Decembrino, 312 Douglass Drive, $592,958.
David A. Varady to Zach Bortz, 1014 Reading Ave., $115,000.
Telvil Corp to Ronald Chappell and Brenda Chappell, 312 Douglass Drive, $510,000.
James Thompson Alter IV Estate to Randall H. Alter, 335 Colebrookdale Road, $1.
Earl Township
Marius Neagu Jr. to Dylan Lee Dicandilo and Madison Anne Johnson, 60 School House Road, $300,000.
Exeter Township
Bruce B. Larson Jr. to Christopher A. Cashin and Courtany M. Cashin, 108 Ivy Hill Cr, $350,000.
Jeffrey A. Niedrowski to Tanisha Nikesha Fisher, 826 Rabbit Lane, $196,000.
Mary A. Debeneadto and Joanne Houston to US Bank National Association and Rcf 2 Acquisition Trust, 4 Estates Drive, $274,000.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to Kathleen Boyer and Austin Kazmierczak, 380 Walnut Road.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to Kathleen Boyer and Austin Kazmierczak, 431 Walnut Road.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to Kathleen Boyer and Austin Kazmierczak, 600 Faber Road.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to Rust Boyer, 976 Schoffers Road.
John Jared Semet and Patricia I. Rumler to Hector E. Diaz Ayala, 1049 Deer Run, $195,000.
Kimberly A. Kofke to David M. Brown and Ellen G. Brown, 163 Waterford Lane, $270,000.
M. Riegel Properties LLC to Matthew Ryan Davis and Serena Anne Davis, 4461 Hillside Road, $372,500.
Billy R. Evans and Sandra Lee Evans to Sandra Lee Evans, 30 Sycamore Drive.
Barbara J. Taglang to Barbara J. Taglang and Karen T. Williams and Richard J. Taglang Jr., 11 Sherwood Drive.
Harold R. Bonsall Jr. and Terry Bonsall to Timothy Young, 1621 Butter Lane, $265,000.
Joann F. Marcinkowski and Joann F. Graczyk to Threshold Rehabilitation Services Inc., 6009 Perkiomen Ave., $245,000.
Christopher A. Walters to John A. Schweitzer, Pineland Road, $40,000.
Christopher Bolter and Jillian Bolter to Victoria Ramsey and William Hewitt, 516 Buddies Court, $52,500.
Dale M. Hollenbach to Eugene Katasonov, 407 W. Somerset St., $209,000.
Michael K. Moyer and Joan A. Moyer to Nicholyeliz Delgado Reyes and Eli Samuel Delgado Rodriguez and Nicholyeliz Delgado Reyes, 9 Westfield Place, $315,000.
Diego M. Arciniegas and Lindsay Lessie to Lindsay Lessie, 131 Dogwood Drive, $1.
Greenwich Township
Diane R. Maurer to Kerry Merkel and Barbara Merkel, 245 Deer Run Road, $520,000.
Benjamin Smith and Camille Magnavito to Matthew Stewart Printz and Claire Studenroth Printz, 201 Adams Road, $400,000.
Brenden S. Kehm and Katie B. Kehm to Janelle Stump, 1368 Krumsville Road, $240,000.
Hereford Township
Bridget A. Long to Kaizen Virtues LLC, 989 Gravel Pike, $110,000.
Tony C. Trego and Kim Jo Trego to School House 1 LLC, 9 School House Road, $305,000.
Jon F. Simchick and Brenda J. Simchick to Brenda J. Simchick, 100 John Glenn Ave.
Terre L. Lepera to Christopher F. Rice and Diane L. Rice, 1207 Broadway Blvd., $278,500.
Esther L. Fitterling Estate to Gk Land Group LP, 336 S. Kenhorst Blvd., $215,000.
Colby Investments Inc. to Mamasta Guilavogui, 1541 Fayette Ave., $195,000.
Ross A. Attkisson to Thomas H. Trostle and Suzette J. Trostle, 3411 Chestnut St., $275,000.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to William G. Kazmierczak Jr., 3424 Montclare St.
Avalion M. Bossler Estate to Margot Deponge and Adams Alexis and Tashiro Alexis, 504 Elizabeth Ave., $364,900.
Jennifer M. Fry and Jennifer M. Barkman to Sonya McKenzie Nabozny and Nicholas Michael Ben Karmel, 118 W. Wall St., $169,900.
Longswamp Township
Wrm Properties LP to Vmj Transport Solutions Inc., 200 Barclay St., $390,000.
Carol J. Fredericks Trust to Carol J. Fredericks and Carol Fredericks Fay, State St., $1.
Carol J. Fredericks Trust to Carol J. Fredericks and Carol Fredericks Fay, 1919 State St., $1.
Carol J. Fredericks and Carol Fredericks Fay to Douglas R. Fay and Carol Fredericks Fay, State St., $1.
Carol J. Fredericks and Carol Fredericks Fay to Douglas R. Fay and Carol Fredericks Fay, 1919 State St., $1.
Lower Alsace Township
Kathy A. Wolf and Charles Wolf Jr. to James Billman Sr., 115 Oak Lane, $60,000.
Gary F. Kubovcsak to Jenibell Ramirez Irizarry, 128 Oak Lane, $199,900.
Wilfred D. Santiago to Delvonnya R. Williams, 811 N. 25th St., $289,900.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Ronald M. Stuhrmann Estate to Andrew Kaunert, 4425 Hill Terrace Drive, $195,000.
Maidencreek Township
Virasu & Sons LLC to Ar United LLC, 8380 Allentown Pike, $625,000.
Sara E. Moser and Joseph D. Moser to Jasmine Lattimer and Jeremie Moyer, 103 Sunset Ave., $195,000.
Kristopher W. Kipp and Vicki E. Kipp to Wilfred D. Santiago, 305 Faith Drive, $299,900.
Ann L. Hess to Allison Marie Heeber and Matthew A. Kovitch, 829 Maidencreek Road, $235,000.
Marion Township
Glenn Hurst and Susan L. Hurst to Justin G. Hurst and Bethany F. Hurst, Conrad Weiser Py and 4315 Conrad Weiser Py, $1.
Ralph V. Ciancaglione Jr. to Wendall S. Horning, 3997 Wintersville Road, $300,000.
Maxatawny Township
Erma Z. Zimmerman to Brandon J. Yellets, 764 Noble St., $265,000.
Irene B. Berg Estate to Susan G. Berg, 81 Knittle Road.
Colony P. LLC to Keegan Andrew Campbell Woolley and Deanna T. Deao, 622 Maplewood Ave., $165,000.
Mount Penn
Cynthia A. Rankin to Taylor Anne Properties LLC, 3 Endlich Ave., $130,000.
Earlie Lucas to Nathaniel A. Lash, 111 Hollywood Ave., $212,000.
Tina L. Boas to Tina L. Boas and William T. Boas, 2111 Highland Ave.
Frank Haven Sanders III to Molly Ingram Sanders, 2705 Cumberland Ave.
Muhlenberg Township
Lori A. Lobb to Laury Melissa Gomez De Estevez and Henry Manuel Estevez Hernandez, 3431 Eisenhower Ave., $310,000.
Patricia S. Moyer Estate to Stephan Lee Munroe, 3324 Harrison Ave., $300,000.
Mario Caloiero and Vincent Distefano and Distefano Enterprise LLC to Gisells LLC and Gi Sells LLC, 4148 Kutztown Road, $349,900.
David Martell and Desiree Martell to Clarinelda Gonzalez and Modesto Recarey, 3513 Willow Grove Ave., $310,000.
Diane L. Marrone to Jennifer M. Marrone, 1008 Boeshore Cr, $290,000.
Acquire Property Investments LLC to Orlando Melendez, 910 El Hatco Drive, $230,000.
Mario Caloiero and Richard Sachetta to Jonathan Morales and Sulivette Morales, 3057 Maple Ave., $431,570.
Thomas H. Trostle to Brian Richard Brennan, 1307 Rising Sun Ave., $228,765.
Gene A. Blimline and Judith A. Blimline to Dylan C. Romig and Madeline E. Harmes, 341 Roosevelt Ave., $285,000.
Jean E. Schuchart to Jean E. Schuchart and Donald J. Schuchart Jr., 409 Pennsylvania Ave.
Calean G. Weary and Mackenzie Weary to Caelan G. Weary, 5124 Wilshire Road, $1.
Juan Mendoza and Melinda Mendoza to Joshua E. Paez Sr., 4206 12th Ave., $250,000.
Renner Family Grantors Trust to Joseph Cuervo Jr. and Christina Hoffman, 632 Beach St., $315,000.
North Heidelberg Township
Judy A. Hook Estate to Tammy Zerbe and Mark Zerbe and Amy Zerbe, 306 Kricks Mill Road.
Oley Township
Daniel H. Laudenslayer and Barbara H. Laudenslayer to Eric G. Hoover and Elaine F. Hoover, 3240 W. Philadelphia Ave., $290,000.
Arthur L. Hilt Estate to Michael A. Eshbach and Sheryl E. Eshbach, 125 Spangsville Road, $200,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Fernando Folino and Guiliana Folino to Bss Properties LLC, 1 Bellemans Ch Road, $1.
Fernando Folino and Guiliana Folino to Bss Properties LLC, Bellemans Ch Road, $1.
Berks Soil & Stone Inc. to Bss Properties LLC, 1200 Park Drive, $1.
Penn Township
Sarah E. Seiler to Max E. Seiler and Sarah E. Seiler, 159 Shartlesville Road, $1.
Perry Township
Terry Seyfert and Linda L. Seyfert to Isaac S. Rohrbach and Siena Rohrbach, 184 Hall Road, $225,000.
Kenneth J. Hugo Jr. and Lauren A. Foulke Hugo to Louann Graff and Danny R. Graff and Margaret Mayhue, 24 Waxwood Road, $305,000.
M. & L Tax Services LLC to Camilo Alonso Padilla Cubillos and Maria Cristina Moreno, 229 S. 10th St., $96,000.
Redevelopment Authority of The City of Reading to Alejandro Properties LLC, 637 S. 6th St.
Fulton Bank NA to Marcos Robles Diaz and Angelica Matos, 236 Hudson St., $10,000.
Eduvigis A. Guillermo Mejia to Master Ventures LLC, 729 McIlvain St., $70,000.
Justin L. Showalter and Krista R. Showalter to Ruben Dario Baret, 523 N. 10th St., $225,000.
Kelley L. Witman and James E. Witman Jr. to Kelley L. Witman, 806 Warren St., $1.
Edwin Gonzalez Balaguer to Yuberkys R. Reyes Aquino, 740 Summit Chase Drive, $175,000.
Felipe A. Arias to Alvin R. Blanco Miranda and Jocelyn Alvarez, 1617 Centre Ave., $170,000.
Maya L. Garnes and Maya L. Blair to Ruth C. Herrador and Francisco Herrador, 924 Union St., $175,000.
Justin Reilly to Just-Investments LLC, 864 N. 6th St.
Miriam Aponte to Lucar Realty LLC, 476 Spring Garden St., $55,000.
Tanya L. Nelson to Hbr Investment Capital LLC, 719 N. 12th St., $135,200.
Mytmite2 LLC to Chloe Wagner Trust Uta Dtd 8222016, 742 Centre Ave., $497,000.
Stephen Benfield to Marcos D. Utrera Ayala and Zayda E. Ortiz Martinez, 605 N. 9th St., $48,000.
Terra Nova Trade LLC to Cristina De La Cruz and Jamie F. Ferre, 1035 Greenwich St., $120,000.
Mary Alice Lisella to Duane W. Cross and Linda Lou Cross, 1809 Hessian Road and 1813 Hessian Road, $100,000.
Jose F. Munoz Estate to Dnh Properties LLC, 507 N. 14th St., $75,000.
Redevelopment Authority of The City of Reading to David Segura, 628 Minor St.
Florian Sutu to Dkab Real Estate Limited Liability Company, 1326 Carbon St., $187,000.
Aurelio A. Ferriera Batista to Ramon Antonio Ferreira, 333 S. 11th St., $1.
Jose Yaxon Lopic and Armando Gonzalez and Jose Yaxon Lopic to Edison Jimenez, 107 W. Elm St., $127,900.
Kathryn L. Hartman Estate to James Place In June LLC, 1028 Mulberry St., $35,000.
Gery A. Wentzel Estate to Acquire Property Investments LLC, 853 Delta Ave., $110,000.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to William G. Kazmierczak Jr., 200 Belvedere Ave.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to Rust Boyer, 923 N. Front St.
Sheri Clark to Nehemias Cruz Morales and Nancy Feal, 517 S. 10th St., $35,000.
1-Corniel Management Corporation Inc. to Yosaira Diaz Nunez, 1128 Greenwich St., $200,000.
Martin D. Schmeer to Tracey Ash, 1219 Fidelity St., $1.
Aha Realty Corp to Silvia G. Lopez and Milton M. Lomas, 1218 Greenwich St., $241,000.
Michael P. Lafata to Michael P. Lafata and Ann E. Lafata, 540 Wunder St., $1.
Carol A. Kiwak Estate to Jlc Rental Properties LLC, 1240 Muhlenberg St., $58,000.
Lee Ann Carlisle to Lee Ann Carlisle, 1642 Mulberry St., $1.
Dorothy I. Mittower to Emso Real Estate Corp, 531 S. 17th St., $83,000.
Reading Federal Housing LLC to Pennstate Housing LLC, 1035 Marion St., $85,000.
Premier Properties of Reading LLC to Imer Draga and Servete Draga, 1543 Cotton St., $75,000.
Sandra J. Garcia to Francisco J. Garcia, 345 W. Greenwich St., $1.
Glendaly Perez to Martin Martinez Tejada, 1424 N. 11th St., $160,000.
Lissette Chevalier to Lissette Chevalier and Katherine Nazario, 1914 N. 17th St., $1.
Christina M. Macdonald Trust to Christina M. Macdonald, 1609 N. 15th St., $1.
Ramon Martinez and Marilu Alfallo Reyes to Mayra A. Figueroa Figueroa, 934 Spring St., $170,000.
Matthews Group Realty LLC to Marina A. Rivas Lopez and Ruth M. Jaquez Rivas, 635 N. Front St., $165,000.
Edgard S. Gutierrez Macias to Sergio A. Caicedo Ramirez and Brenda M. Ortiz Shade, 1247 N. 10th St., $1.
Saw Services LLC to Vfk Holdings LLC, 337 Franklin St., $235,000.
Alan Hunt and Maria C. Pareja to Alan Hunt and Maria C. Hunt, 2010 Hill Road, $1.
Swift Property Solutions LLC to Elba Iris Sanabria Castro, 720 Ritter St., $155,000.
Tio Mai LLC to Evza Investments LLC, 1925 N. 5th St., $130,000.
Richmond Township
Donna R. Rohrbach to David L. Rohrbach and Donna R. Rohrbach, 25 Delcamp Road, $1.
Ethel S. Heffner Estate to Brian R. Folk and Cheryl A. Folk and Joel R. Heffner, 427 Eagle Road, $600,000.
Robeson Township
Sunset Lodge Retreat LLC and Elmer Lee Lapp to Denali Rental LLC, 109 Westley Road, $840,000.
Donald R. Myers Jr. and Georgiana M. Myers to Andrew R. Delong and Angelina G. Delong, 303 Sell Road, $1.
John W. Bowers to Pa Flipbros LLC, 154 Golf Course Road, $190,000.
Justin Hostetler and Martha Hostetler to Justin Hostetler and Martha Hostetler, 992 Buck Hollow Road.
Charles Nunez and Stacy Nunez to Catherine Magill, 1714 Golf Course Road, $325,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Fredric Perfetto Estate to Caskie Management Services LLC, 274 Walnuttown Road, $222,500.
Russell C. Delp and Nancy A. Delp and Russell C. Delp Jr. to Russell C. Delp and Russell C. Delp Jr., 110 Sand Hill Road and 112 Sand Hill Road.
Jon F. Simchick and Brenda J. Simchick to Jon F. Simchick, 10 Pennsylvania Ave.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to William G. Kazmierczak Jr., 222 S. Miller St.
Kevin J. Brader and Beverly A. Brader to Brader Family Trust, 102 W. Lancaster Ave., $1.
Kevin J. Brader and Beverly A. Brader to Brader Family Trust, 104 W. Lancaster Ave., $1.
Francis J. Talarico and Thomas F. Talarico to Thomas F. Talarico, 110 R New Holland Ave.
Cynthia L. Mohn and Glenn R. Kochel to Isaiah A. Grim and Katie L. Bodden, 101 C Washington St., $175,000.
Reading Storage 340 Locust Street LLC to N&W Properties LLC, 0 Reading Ave., $280,000.
Jacob P. Renninger and Jaimee E. Renninger to Robert M. Duckworth and Tina M. Duckworth, 212 7th St., $180,000.
Salvatore Fiore to Brian Wisniewski and Carissa Wisniewski, 429 Main St., $242,500.
Sinking Spring
David D. Hogan and Jamie L. Hogan to John H. Bowers and Lori A. Bowers, 71 Michigan Drive, $298,500.
Chb Sports Inc. and Motus Capital LLC to Lancaster County Bible Church, 3190 Shillington Road and 168 Shillington Road, $5,470,815.92.
Blanche E. Miller to John Yoder Jr. and Lori Myers, 659 Vester Place, $230,100.
South Heidelberg Township
Craig W. Schafer and Kathleen Schafer to Deandre Martin, 1347 Fritztown Road, $260,000.
Gmia Properties LLC to David Mejia, 711 Hill Rd Unit C, $155,000.
Kevin J. Brader and Beverly A. Brader to Brader Family Trust, 318 Preston Road, $1.
Spring Township
Jack Hua to Hoa V. Nguyen and Loan H. Chau, 3113 Merritt Py, $340,000.
Stephen R. Higgins and Holly J. Higgins to Maria Reyna Huamanlazo, 2020 Spring St., $175,000.
Edward J. Sarnoski and Barbara A. Sarnoski to Edward J. Sarnoski, 523 Amherst Ave., $1.
Derek L. Sweitzer and Stephanie E. Sweitzer to Adam J. Zezenski and Ericka T. Hogue, 205 Harvard Blvd., $353,000.
Berkis Family Irrevocable Trust to Todd A. Berkis, 134 Shearers Road, $1.
Francis P. Colosimo and Wendy L. Colosimo to Andrew Michael Smith Sr., 317 Shakespeare Drive, $285,000.
Lape Family Revocable Trust to Sergio Bienvenido Abreu and Sergio Bienvenido Abreu, 210 Amherst Ave., $291,400.
St Lawrence
Jeffrey P. Leinbach to Allison A. Leinbach and Lynn A. Leinbach, 3535 Pine Ave.
Tilden Township
Ian C. Zellers to Brett Kline and Cortney Kline, 21 Rainbow Drive, $330,000.
Kevin S. Koch Estate to Mountain Breeze Farm Ltd, 350 Bachmoll Road, $475,000.
Robert E. Adams and Patricia A. Adams to Jacob Daniel Daigneault and Hailey Elizabeth Daigneault, Lowland Road and Lowland Road, $100,000.
Kayla Zellers and Ian Zellers to Ian Zellers and Kayla Zellers, 93 Fisher Dam Road, $1.
Raymond F. Frank to Jose L. Rodriguez and Itzia Y. Rodriguez, 481 Mt View Road, $339,900.
Loreen Hare and Alfred S. Hare to Nelson Sanchez Rental LLC, 41 Centre Ave., $160,000.
David L. Rohrbach to David L. Rohrbach and Donna R. Rohrbach, 104 E. Keller St., $1.
William H. Trexler and Wilda Ann Trexler to Iosif C. Burlacu, 26 N. Main St., $200,000.
Tulpehocken Township
Elizabeth A. Moore to Elizabeth A. Moore, 68 Camp Swatara Road and Camp Swatara Road.
Union Township
Marc E. Snyder to Dudley E. Snyder and Doris A. Snyder, 1025 E. Main St., $1.
Washington Township
Joy Diehl to Joy E. Jennings, 1741 County Line Road, $1.
Goodrents LLC to John Yanan Sr., 201 Hill Church Road, $95,000.
Alice W. Sewell to Andy Tavarez Melendez and Massiel Pena Ramos, 416 N. Walnut St., $290,000.
West Reading
Andrew D. Rowe to Barrett Huntzinger, 415 Ann St., $211,000.
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to William G. Kazmierczak Jr. and Rust Boyer, 300 Buttonwood St.
Anthony M. Capelli to Jsck Properties LLC, 206 Chestnut St., $31,000.
Windsor Township
Joanne I. Reidenhour to Paul F. Reidenhour Jr. and Joanne I. Reidenhour, Monument Road.
Paul F. Reidenhour Jr. to Paul F. Reidenhour Jr. and Joanne I. Reidenhour, 715 Valley Road.
Joanne I. Reidenhour to Paul F. Reidenhour Jr. and Joanne I. Reidenhour, Old Rte 22.
Paul F. Reidenhour Jr. to Paul F. Reidenhour Jr. and Joanne I. Reidenhour, 1191 Mountain Road.
David M. Morris and Anita M. Morris to David M. Morris, 155 W. Franklin St., $1.
Josephine K. Regneth Estate to Lawrence J. Regneth, 29 Woodland Road.
Giam Q. Doan Estate to Jabrahaminvestments LLC, 1554 Penn Ave., $95,000.
Linda L. Snyder to Bruce Weston and Jean M. Weston, 31 Devonshire Drive, $352,500.
Gregory P. Delapp and Carol I. Delapp to Mary E. Libby and Mary M. Lucas, 1233 Girard Ave., $435,000.
Derrick F. Leffler and Miranda Leffler to Derrick F. Leffler and Miranda Leffler, 806 N. Wyomissing Blvd., $1.
Joseph T. Famalaro to Reinaldo Sanchez and Layla Garcia Flores, 335 Windsor St., $125,000.
Edward J. Witltowski Jr. to Bje23 LLC, 802 N. Wyomissing Blvd., $125,000.
Judith A. Acra and Fadi A. Acra to Judith A. Acra, 439 Old State Road, $10.
Mark J. Werner and Deidre L. Werner to Dustin Moss, 198 Kutz Road, $541,000.
Stephen A. Krupa Jr. Estate to Kens LLC, 1913 Lincoln Ave., $340,000.
Multiple municipalities
Annette R. Greninger to Annette R. Greninger, 2009 Lorraine Road, $1.



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