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Berks County real estate transactions for Jan. 21

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Amity Township
Thomas James Investments LLC to Vincent J. Passerini and Brenna Q. Passerini, 537 Monocacy Hill Road, $355,000.
Colleen Ahearn to City Light Homes LLC, 305 Penns Lane, $214,000.
Bern Township
Robert L. Katzaman to Gabriel F. Claypoole and Destinee A. Leibensperger, 1481 Hilltop Road, $280,000.
Margaret J. Barbieri to Jonathan Michael Raymond Ii and Melissa Raymond, 719 Madison St., $318,000.
Delores M. Huseman to Stoltzfus Properties LLC, 637 W. 2nd St., $70,000.
Walter Properties Associates LLC to Whitehorse Egg Harbor Ny LLC, 700 W. 1st St. and 701 W. 1st St., $5,800,000.
Whitehorse Egg Harbor Ny LLC to Beacon Birdsboro Pa LLC, 700 W. 1st St. and 701 W. 1st St., $9,250,000.
Alma S. Hilbert Estate to Holly R. Haas, 431 E. 2nd St., $255,000.
Steven B. Mohr to Scott Haakenson and Beth Haakenson, 1029 Crestview Ave., $216,500.
Cumru Township
John Pasquariello and Jarmila Pasquariello to Rebecca Ward, 22 Muirfield Drive, $245,000.
Douglas E. Snyder Estate to Jason Stewart Gensemer, 890 Church Road, $228,500.
District Township
Jacob Pinkerton and Joelize Hock to Jeffrey A. Messina and Dawn L. Messina, 177 Conrad Road, $460,000.
Earl Township
John Tex to Thomas C. James and Brenda L. James, 240 Sunset Hill Road, $452,000.
James F. Watkins and Dale A. Watkins to Ryan Patrick Watts and Emily M. Watts, 32 Gilde Road, $425,000.
Brian A. Gilbert and Randy A. Gilbert and Kevin Ryan to Randy A. Gilbert and Kevin Ryan and Susan D. Steel and Richard Vorndran, Gilbert Drive, $1.
Exeter Township
Kress M. Schwartz and Jennifer L. Schwartz to Kress M. Schwartz, 9 Rimby Way.
Joshua R. Leinbach and Mimi J. Leinbach to Samuel Janasov and Lauren Janasov, 40 Whitetail Lane, $457,000.
Debra Shea to James R. Billman, 907 Neversink St., $30,000.
John A. Rider to Elizabeth Feaster and Edward Erb III, 705 Schoffers Road and Schoffers Road, $1,600,000.
Amos Stoltzfus Jr. and Samuel Glick to Michael J. Daggett and Jill K. Daggett, Rock Road, $271,500.
Anthony Caltagirone to Spencer Albert Haines and Amanda Lynn Segner, 1 Cranberry Ridge, $182,500.
Jlsae LLC to Steven Alan Wright and Joanna B. Wright, 1254 Highview Place, $130,000.
Ftf Rentals LLC to Jonathan Fisher and Lindsey Fisher, 124 N. Franklin St., $215,000.
Hereford Township
Lamar V. White and Francoise J. Choveau to Tfto Ii Properties LLC, 7226 Orthaus Road, $410,000.
Kevin S. Koch Estate to Brickyard Lane Properties LLC, 1411 Elizabeth Ave., $120,000.
Joy E. Augustus and Denese J. Augustus to Edgar M. Hernandez Adames, 1514 Prince St., $250,000.
Kevin Jackson Group LLC to G. & D Homes LLC, 3224 Earl St., $90,000.
Kevin S. Koch Estate to Brickyard Lane Properties LLC, 1405 Elizabeth Ave., $130,000.
Kevrn S. Koch Estate to Brickyard Lane Properties LLC, 1409 Elizabeth Ave., $130,000.
Barry L. Beitler Estate and Barry H. Beitler Estate to Avery Venegas and Cassandra Venegas, 500 Main St., $310,777.
Longswamp Township
Dillon Andrew Weidner to Brittany Wagner and Kevin Simmons, 217 Benfield Road, $360,000.
Maxatawny Township
Vicki M. Gehman to Vicki M. Gehman and Daniel Gehman, 15631 Kutztown Road.
Bradley J. Schwalm and Kay A. Schwalm to Bradley J. Schwalm, 850 Noble St., $1.
Cynthia L. Smith Kern to Paul R. Hammer, 4 Buck Run, $375,000.
Mount Penn
Nathan D. Bierman to Mercedes Santana Lara, 400 Hill Ave., $290,000.
2000 Perkiomen Avenue LLC to Brh At Fairview Square LLC, 2000 Perkiomen Ave., $418,500.
Charlotte Weber Estate to Jennifer R. Bowen, 2243 Ochre St., $172,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Michael J. Galczynski to Mary E. Galczynski, 1020 Georgetown Drive, $130,000.
William M. Murphy Jr. and Deborah M. Murphy to Yohanny A. Nunez, 414 Crystal Rock Road, $117,000.
Brooke P. Gardner and D. Robin Gardner to Forino Co LP, Frush Valley Road, $91,000.
Jessica A. Ehrie and Jessica A. Young to Abigail Chisdak and Trevor Leamer, 1232 Fredrick Blvd., $216,000.
Fiorino Grande Estate to Johnny Anthony Cirulli and Marcy J. Cirulli, River Crest Drive, $460,510.
John A. Digiamberardino Estate to Castillo Consulting And Investments LLC, 4933 Kutztown Road, $401,500.
North Heidelberg Township
Robert Jankowski and Marie Jankowski to John Fleming and Cathy L. Fleming, 57 Stump Lane, $299,900.
Oley Township
Matthew R. Hauck to Eric Pfleger, 3043 Friedensburg Road and Friedensburg Road, $245,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Ruth A. Hill and Wayne R. Hill to Ruth A. Hill, 62 Ohlinger Road, $1.
Forino Company LP to Marlene Fernandez, Sunglo Drive, $349,464.
Tarek Elrefaei and Marwa Ghazala to Christopher M. Angst and Laurie N. Angst, 117 Edinboro Lane, $495,000.
Penn Township
William G. Kazmierczak Estate to William G. Kazmierczak Jr. and Kathleen Boyer and Rust L. Boyer and Austin T. Kazmierczak, 132 Davis Bridge Road.
Perry Township
Donald P. Saul Estate to Brett M. Grugan and Miranda Bixler, 49 Clarence Ave., $215,000.
Kevin Jackson Group LLC to Keyfinder Homes LLC, 1713 Centre Ave., $138,000.
Carmen J. Rivera to Israel Bonet Santana, 443 Schuylkill Ave., $96,000.
Mario Conti to Erick W. Hein, 112 Lehigh St., $135,000.
Kirby M. Reyes Estate to Samir Capric, 729 Thorn St., $100,000.
Juan Carlos Guiracocha Sinchi to Nelson G. Moya Angos, 210 Rose St., $25,000.
Hilda E. Rodriguez Estate and Carmen Y. Vega to 1 Corniel Management Corp, 2 Wedgewood Tc, $117,000.
Clifton J. Seewagen and Judy L. Seewagen to 1314 Hill LLC, 1413 Hill Road, $425,000.
Alba Santa and Yrma Caraballo to Alba Santana and Adolfo Hiciano, 1313 Walnut St., $1.
Diosely J. Valdez to F&D 401 LLC, 401 S. 11th St., $36,000.
Joan S. Reppert Estate to Michael David Tighe, 1520 Hampden Blvd., $279,900.
Camille Gilkes Smith Estate to Spruce St Trust 1430, 1430 Spruce St., $44,000.
Able Solutions LLC to Daviel Antonio Munoz and Franchesca Maria Munoz, 1659 Cotton St., $133,500.
Judith L. Bione to Citi Investment Limited Liability Company, 529 S. 16th St., $90,000.
Robeson Township
Virginia M. Stead to Kathryn J. Frederick and Devon M. Krammes, 3 Seyfert Drive, $195,000.
Bnh Pa Southeast Homes LLC and Oak Grove Partners LLC to William Isaac Lyons and Kaitlin Lyons, Oak Grove Road, $691,534.
John R. Planchak and Karen M. Planchak to John R. Planchak and Karen M. Planchak, Printz Road.
Pearl R. Stoudt to Carl M. Klopp and Nicole T. Care, 37 Seyfert Drive, $100,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Jonathan Kerns to Emili Neubauer Hernandez and Christian Neubauer Hernandez, 3762 Pricetown Road, $310,000.
Corina Cumpan to Marinela Morar and Alexandru Morar, 6 Holland St., $230,000.
Scott C. Manny and Melissa L. Manny to Luis Enrique Cordero, 406 Gregg St., $290,000.
Stacy Smith and Christopher Smith to Stacy Smtih, 626 Lincoln St., $1.
Emily Elizabeth Housel and Emily Elizabeth Conkle to Diego Munoz Jr. and Jennifer Bachman, 704 Franklin St., $250,000.
Sinking Spring
Jeffrey K. Stoicheff and Delores M. Stoicheff to Susan D. Brown and Cecil C. Campbell, 6 Brookfield Ave., $615,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Adyl Bakali to Raeann Lee Moyer and Raeann Lee Moyer, 224 N. Galen Hall Road, $239,000.
Sandra L. Garner and Larry Garner to Hulett Properties LLC, 1044 Fritztown Road, $71,435.
Spring Township
Vanessa L. Davies and Siena Leigh Tassone to Odalis Matos, 508 Dorchester Ave., $245,500.
Yongtong Liu to Christina Mancuso, 2609 Eisenhower Court, $221,050.
Zachary R. Sullivan to Process Enterprises LLC, 2520 Cleveland Ave., $350,000.
Peace Boisen to Cedar Spring Creek LLC, 95 A Chapel Hill Road, $1.
Ann W. Frebel Estate to Justina Ott, 2406 John Henry Drive, $367,000.
Michele Feehery and Robert T. Feehery to Keith Joseph Korczykowski Jr. and Alicia Lindsay Cymbalski, 2707 Avon Ave., $315,000.
Matthew J. Cataudella to Brittney Guerrero, 2169 Cleveland Ave., $200,000.
C. Kevin Walter and Judith Ann Walter to Lizeth Alanis and Nicholas A. Alanis, 2219 Spring St., $190,000.
Tilden Township
Robert Kistler to Robert Kistler, 21 Walnut Road.
Union Township
Jo Anne Pauley to Pauley Family Irrevocable Living Trust Agreement, 1372 E. Main St., $1.
Upper Tulpehocken Township
Dennis P. Egan and Charlene M. Egan to 8641 Route 183 LLC, 8641 Rte 183, $640,000.
Washington Township
Mark Stover to City Light Homes LLC, 17 Tiffany Cr, $310,985.
Joy E. Jennings to Kathryn Thompson, 1741 County Line Road, $215,000.
Windsor Township
Robert C. Peters to Joann Schaeffer, 2904 Old Rte 22, $235,000.
Nancy E. Ruth and Nancy E. Althouse to Delmar Martin, 115 W. Franklin St. and 117 W. Franklin St., $95,000.
Michael Jason Gentile to Angela M. Adler, 1544 Cleveland Ave., $230,000.
Sandra L. Mengle and Sandra L. Planer to Steven R. Gehris and Debra A. Gehris, 10 Cedarwood Road, $335,000.
Multiple municipalities
Natural Lands Trust Incorporated to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Department of Conservation And Natural Resources, Ridgeway Road, $125,892.
Jeanette D. Stuber Estate to Hulett Properties LLC, 108 W. Jackson St., $65,435.
George R. Sterner and Patricia A. Sterner to Anthony O. Zeiset and Karen M. Zeiset, 2928 Morgantown Road, $535,000.

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