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Berks County real estate transactions for May 26

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Alsace Township
Debra L. Lengel to Debra L. Lengel, 28 Cralou Drive, $1.
Nicole L. Gridley to Sarah E. Franks and Robert A. Kutzler III and Andrew N. Franks, Seidel Road, $45,000.
Abel Berrezueta to Jose Tomas Ortiz Cabas, 152 Bingaman Road, $30,000.
Kenneth A. Bagenstose Sr. Estate to John Rissmiller and Roseann Corey, 43 Hartz Road, $185,000.
Brenda L. Bollinger and Eric L. Bollinger to Caitlin L. Tapp, 3056 Pricetown Road and Juniper Lane, $365,000.
Priscilla A. Wessner Estate to Diane Conrad, 2021 Reservoir Road, $301,000.
Amity Township
Sharon Mohr and Stephen Mohr to Johana Kruse and Thomas P. Kruse, 100 W. Morlatton Road, $575,000.
Brian R. Hunsinger and Beverly D. Hunsinger to 926 Ben Franklin LLC, 926 E. Ben Franklin Hwy, $240,000.
Butch Destefano to Shawna Schafle and Michael McBride, 502 Antietam Drive, $532,000.
Longacre Electrical Service Inc. to J. & S Longacre Properties Inc., 602 Main St. and 55 N. 5th St., $1.
Jean Ann Longacre Estate to J. & S Longacre Properties Inc., 551 Main St., $1.
Longacre Electrical Service Inc. to J. & S Longacre Properties Inc., 35 S. Church St., $1.
Shawn Brightbill and Christi Brightbill to Shawn Brightbill, 188 W. Spring St., $1.
Bern Township
Bart Burgess to Steven L. Barnes and Holley D. Barnes, 617 Scenic Drive, $581,000.
Thomas D. Balthaser and Eric T. Balthaser and Joshua A. Balthaser to Dale B. Balthaser and Debra J. Balthaser and Travis M. Balthaser, Fox St.
Fay B. Showers Estate to Jordan T. Showers and Erin S. Showers Velazquez, 8 S. Main St., $280,800.
John L. Kissling and Elizabeth A. Shalters to Lisa R. Calhoun, 309 Stevens Ave., $229,900.
Bethel Township
David Daub and Gina Daub to David Daub, 1461 Little Mt Road.
Lee V. Groff and Linda M. Groff to Duane L. Koch and Robyn B. Koch, 545 Beagle Road, $365,000.
Brenda L. Brown and Terry R. Brown to Brenda L. Brown, 1470 Pine Grove Road, $1.
Ann L. Ruccius Estate to Jaeden M. Mathias and Kaitlyn A. Yeakley, 9230 Lancaster Ave., $385,000.
David Daub to David Daub, 1461 Little Mt Road.
Zach Bortz to Meyers Noss Group LLC, 205 N. Furnace St., $374,900.
Santiago Rental Group LLC to Capric Mgmt LLC, 145 Hopewell St., $110,000.
Santiago Rental Group LLC to Capric Mgmt LLC, 143 Hopewell St., $143,000.
Jeffrey L. Fink and Kathleen M. Fink to Kathleen And Jeffrey Fink Revocable Living Trust, 832 W. 1st St.
Zachary Tylar Lepore and Jamie Angelica Lepore to Trever Henderson Kivela, 57 Walker Drive, $370,000.
Niatrec LLC to Loreen Breidenstein, 375 S. Reading Ave., $215,000.
Caernarvon Township
Sean Moore and Marissa Moore to Andrew Kidd and Kelly Kidd, 2 Hidden Court, $485,000.
McNeilus Truck And Manufacturing Inc. to Atlantic Emergency Group Morgantown LLC, 941 Hemlock Road, $1,716,750.
Centre Township
Jason John Levan and Sara Hix to Mountain Breeze Farm Ltd, 3065 Berne Road, $737,500.
Katherine E. Goth to Peter Murphy and Rhonda L. Murphy, 157 Victoria Drive, $550,000.
Rhonda Nichole Readinger and Javier Castro Santiago to Rhonda N. Readinger, 1263 Tower Road, $1.
Colebrookdale Township
Robert L. Moyer and Joan I. Moyer to Christa Lester, 520 N. Reading Ave., $195,000.
Marion V. Miller Estate to Alec Robert Pritchard, 631 Montgomery Ave., $195,000.
Luanne K. Ingram to Austin R. Bignell and Allison Kay Bignell, 1020 Ironstone Drive, $446,020.
Cumru Township
James C. Sutton to Anthony Parzanese, 1 Ashfield Court, $260,000.
Terry Bohn and Lynanne E. Bohn to Mark J. Munroe, 406 Hill Cr, $301,000.
Robert A. Olson and Sally M. Olson to Arthur A. Kelly Jr. and Susan K. Kelly, 3055 Welsh Road, $400,000.
Terry D. Weiler and Patricia H. Weiler to Michelle L. Wily and Brad E. Wily, 4 Forest Road, $745,000.
Mohamed Tourki to Amal Trust, 40 Tanglewood Drive, $1.
Mohamed Tourki and Naima Tourki to Amal Trust, 3 F Olympic Drive, $1.
Karl A. Neumuller and Laurel A. Neumuller to James McElroy Sr., 1015 Hunters Road, $690,000.
District Township
Robert Hughes to Timothy M. Murphy and Kelly Murphy, 155 Landis Store Road, $500,000.
Mignon R. Gardner to Jeremy Peskin and Sara Peskin, Keim Road, $249,000.
Mignon R. Gardner to Jeremy Peskin and Sara Peskin, Keim Road, $751,000.
Douglass Township
Audrey E. Booker and Robert L. Booker to James Anthony Thomas, 18 College St., $220,000.
John F. Harley to Bryan Mosko and Barbara Duffy and Anna Mosko, 5 Harley Drive, $275,000.
George A. Kulp Estate to Samantha Barreto, 1179 Reading Ave. and Rte 562, $315,000.
Earl Township
Luanne K. Ingram to Austin R. Bignell and Allison Kay Bignell, 1020 Ironstone Drive, $446,020.
Exeter Township
Drq Lc to Donna R. Queen, 4901 Perkiomen Ave., $1.
Dennis J. Putt and Deborah L. Putt to Douglas Zirkle Jr. and Erinn Zirkle, 5500 Boyertown Pike, $494,000.
Linda Zampella to Ronald Isaac Frankhouser Jr. and Bonnie Arlene Frankhouser, 842 Woodchuck Lane, $165,000.
James Utley and Jessica Cantor to Michelle Smitley, 4512 Edgewood Drive, $410,000.
Gary Nothstein and Mary Ann Nothstein to Lloyd Johnson, 80 Gladwyn Drive, $620,000.
Michelle M. Smitley to Donald L. Brooks III and Lisa M. Brooks, 4716 Deborah Drive, $351,000.
Barry L. Kemp Estate to Cindy L. Kemp and Cleon W. Kemp Jr., Lorane Road, $30,000.
John G. Bilinski Estate to Leana N. Pace and Leon N. Pace, 4001 Windcroft Court, $386,000.
Jennifer Louise Reinert and Ryan J. Murphy to Jennifer Louise Reinert, 451 Dautrich Road, $1.
Eileen M. Burnley to Wjtl Real Estate LLC, 302 Butter Lane, $200,000.
Eugene Katasonov to Kay Frederick and Glen Frederick, 407 W. Somerset St., $297,000.
Austin J. Wolfe and Jeffrey L. Wolfe to Daquan Brown and Danielle N. Brown and Thomas E. Mullin Jr. and Rosemary Mullin, 546 E. Linden St., $205,000.
Kenneth Burkert Estate and Kirsty Comer to Austin Wolfe and Courtney Wolfe, 239 W. Greenway St., $310,000.
Brian K. Wagner to Kelly Caplinger, 123 Dogwood Drive, $250,000.
Vtf Renovations LLC to Evelyn Fermin, 422 S. Richmond St., $200,000.
Greenwich Township
Jessica M. Maurer and Kelly R. Caplinger to Derek Robert Lichtenwalner and Jennifer Rose Lichtenwalner, 228 Forest View Drive, $420,000.
Michael F. Hinkle and Amy D. Hinkle to Erik Alexandre Shinton, 108 N. 3rd St., $155,000.
Rosemary A. Loose to Loose Family Irrevocable Trust, 26 N. 4th St., $1.
Heidelberg Township
Krause Family Limited Partnership to Exodus Property Holdings LLC, 1011 W. Penn Ave., $550,000.
David L. Weaver to Lower Heidelberg Township and Township of Lower Heidelberg, 49 Big Spring Road and 756 Wooltown Road, $2,230,000.
Hereford Township
Terry D. Hoch and Kimberley A. Hoch and Sarah B. Hoch to Sarah B. Hoch, 8021 Crow Road, $1.
Jefferson Township
Susan F. Doherty to Doherty Family Trust, 731 Summer Mt Road.
Susan F. Doherty to Susan Elizabeth Walmer and Ricky Lee Walmer, 731 Summer Mt Road.
Caleb J. Miller and Cassandra L. Miller and Nancy Miller to Caleb J. Miller and Cassandra L. Miller and Nancy Miller, 279 Shartlesville Road and Shartlesville Road and 277 Shartlesville Road.
Irene C. Blatt to Trey Shuck, 589 New Schaefferstow, $346,000.
Lois J. Grannis to Matthew Debock, 548 High Blvd., $200,000.
Samantha Vagnoni to Gilberto Dominguez, 1311 Lacrosse Ave., $250,000.
Frank Young Dill Jr. and Gail Fisher Dill to Barbe A. Fogarty and Daniel William Fogarty, 549 Highland Ave., $85,000.
Albert E. Beadle Jr. Estate to Judy L. Seidel and Lori L. Kreider, 816 Bellevue Ave., $1.
Ginger Lee Ney to Ginger Lee Ney and William Robert Ney Jr., 3518 Chestnut St., $1.
Jonathan N. Yeager to Leesport Borough, Main St., $11,300.
Jonathan G. Ranck to Gabrielle Nichole Hodes and Austin Krupp, 260 Main St., $205,000.
Longswamp Township
Melissa Schwab and Melissa Erickson to Crystal Nicole Bassler, 317 Kennedy Ave., $225,000.
Lower Alsace Township
George J. Stephens and Carol A. Stephens to Breanne Gayle Zabicki and Andrew David Bartal, 520 Fountain Ave., $200,000.
Leon N. Pace and Leana N. Pace to Robert J. Anthony and Elisabeth Curran Myers, 2706 Philmay Tc, $395,000.
Daniel J. Merkel and Jade L. Merkel to U. S Bank Trust National Association, 708 Friedensburg Road, $101,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Grande Land LP to Edward M. Delsole and Meagan K. Delsole, Chasen Court, $1,000,000.
Harold P. Ohlinger and Regina A. Ohlinger to Charles Giulian and Elaine Giulian, 10 Wooltown Road, $395,000.
David L. Weaver to Lower Heidelberg Township and Township of Lower Heidelberg, 49 Big Spring Road and 756 Wooltown Road, $2,230,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Rosario Marchio and Sonia Marchio to Elendy Rodriguez and Nicole Rodriguez, 4166 Hill Terrace Drive, $600,000.
Joshua Nickerson and Hannah N. Bodnar to Priya Jha and Vidur Tangri, 1054 Ryebrook Road, $551,000.
Marion Township
Edna E. Marderness Estate to Beverly S. Brossman, 412 Water St., $1.
Maxatawny Township
Rodney Adam and Jean E. Adam to Steven M. Landis, 147 Bowers Road, $215,600.
Vernon Fellenbaum to Milena Stancheva, 100 S. Church St., $175,000.
Mount Penn
Jorge L. Quiles to Xiomara Santiago, 1943 Woodvale Ave., $124,000.
Muhlenberg Township
High Point Real Estate Group LP to 2230 North 5th Street Re Associates LLC, 2230 A N. 5th St Hwy, $885,000.
Catherine Carroll to Anatolie Munteanu, 500 N. Temple Blvd., $390,000.
Leroy J. Delong Estate to Gilbert Carbon and Judy L. Carbon, 4920 Kutztown Road, $199,900.
Edward G. Freeman to Edward G. Freeman and Teri Lutz Freeman, 3711 Stoudts Ferry Bri, $1.
John L. Beeman to D&T Property Investors LLC, 831 Tuckerton Ave., $120,000.
Madisan Mark to Carol P. Robison, 1014 Daisy Drive, $275,000.
Kristoffer W. Williams and Chelsea Williams to Michael Joppy and Olena Klymenko, 1108 Fredrick Blvd., $235,000.
Oley Township
Tyler Spier to Stanley B. Martin and Kristine F. Martin, 353 Water St., $150,000.
Dawn M. Decker and Dawn M. Harrell to Jamie Michael Willman and Rose Marie Willman, 757 Manatawny Road, $160,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Forino Co LP to Dennis J. Putt and Deborah L. Putt, Sunglo Drive, $359,900.
Forino Company LP to Richard Krouse and Brittany Krouse, Sunglo Drive, $371,500.
Anne A. Skjeder Estate to Jonathan G. Ranck and Khrystyne M. Ranck, 95 Bowers Road, $375,000.
Forino Co LP to Kenneth R. Koenig, Sunglo Drive, $359,900.
William R. Epes and Linda Faye Epes to Foreman Painting LLC, 18 Pillar Drive, $437,500.
Hoyt F. Weiss Estate to Sean Brian Ward and Ashley Elizabeth Ward, 457 Snyder Road, $290,000.
Penn Township
Craig A. Stoudt and Beverly A. Stoudt to Chad A. Stoudt, 106 Irish Creek Road, $1.
Perry Township
Allen N. Rausch Estate to Linda M. Youse and Andrew Youse and Scott Youse and Janice Youse, 823 Laurel Road and 854 Laurel Road, $1.
Pike Township
Michael Apsokardu to Jessie L. Bittencourt and Victoria St John, 14 Bechtel Road, $391,000.
Roughneck Realty LLC to 610 Holding LLC, 407 Rehr St., $60,000.
Roughneck Realty LLC to Rdg Iron Investments LLC, 1015 Perry St., $78,000.
Hafez E. Naddour Estate to Property Bros LLC, 1352 Buttonwood St., $69,000.
Berakhah Realty LLC to Dolores Emilia Uceta Reyes, 1221 Oley St., $161,000.
Jannette Lorenzo to Chad M. Willman, 1217 N. 13th St., $224,000.
M. & T Real Estate LLC to Tj Property Holdings LLC, 1519 Cotton St., $75,000.
Ralph Denton Maurer and Patricia A. Maurer to Jm Diamond Enterprises Investments LLC, 300 S. 17th St., $115,000.
M&T Real Estate LLC to Tj Property Holdings LLC, 331 Rose St., $75,000.
Prestige Properties of Reading LLC to Jm Diamond Enterprises Investments LLC, 1313 N. 11th St., $170,000.
Ralph D. Maurer and Patricia Ann Maurer to Jm Diamond Enterprises Investments LLC, 302 S. 17th St., $115,000.
Norberto Ruiz Colon and Noberto Ruiz to Norberto Ruiz Jr., 1133 Muhlenberg St., $1.
Jose G. Pena to Jose Collado, 716 Locust St., $150,000.
Charles L. Lehman Jr. to Elm Street Residence Inc., 128 Elm St. and 130 Elm St., $1.
Lucia Altabeira Veras Tejada to Ricardo Collado Rosario and Yudelka Rosario Hernandez, 724 Madison Ave., $160,000.
Caminero Pichardo Guzman to Merced Pichardo, 218 Pear St., $111,000.
Edwin Lopez Godoy and Luz M. Lopez to Nicole Diaz Paulino, 335 S. 13th St., $160,000.
Keyfinder Homes LLC to Karla Cornelio, 331 Spruce St., $159,000.
Novus Re LLC to Novus Re LLC, 40 Noble St. and 609 Brookline St., $1.
Russell V. Helms to M3-5 LLC, 140 Clymer St., $122,500.
Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Jean Gail Freymoyer Ira and Jean Gail Freymoyer and Equity Trust Company to Kingdom Foundations LLC, 418 N. 2nd St., $80,000.
Reading Storage 1015 Rose Street LLC to A-Squared Investments LLC, 325 Chestnut St., $172,000.
Leroy Johnson to Vfk Holdings LLC, 155 Walnut St., $10,500.
Yesenia Garcia Colindres and Yesenia Mendez to Olmer Usiel Villanueva Mayen and Yadira Guadalupe Cordero Garcia, 1707 Cotton St., $40,000.
Thomas M. Kandle to Oscar Marini Alvarez Concepcion, 1518 Mulberry St., $158,000.
New Again Home Opportunities LLC to Sindy Santana Nunez, 468 Birch St., $169,900.
Dolores Blaszczynski Estate to Tarifa Holdings LLC, 554 Wunder St., $91,200.
Cherie Kauffman and Malissa L. Willman and Malissa L. Adams to Cherie Kauffman and Malissa L. Willman and Malissa L. Adams and Stephane N. Adams, 1143 Douglass St., $1.
City of Reading Redevelopment Authority to City of Reading, 842 Penn St.
City of Reading Redevelopment Authority to City of Reading, 201 Franklin St.
City of Reading Redevelopment Authority to City of Reading, 627 Penn St.
Maria Guadalupe Cisneros Moreno Estate to Janet & Jose Realty LLC, 227 Reed St., $60,000.
Shirley K. Weaver to Carl E. Leffler Jr. and Thunga T. Leffler, 823 Farr Place, $362,000.
Francky Sainvil to Demetrio Daniel Perez Quevedo, 1131 Mulberry St., $135,000.
Master Ventures LLC to Schenck Investments LLC, 729 McIlvain St., $140,000.
Vicente Giron and Reyna Isabel Reyes to Filip Moshkovsky and Nataliya Moshkosky, 1403 Cotton St., $89,000.
Kenneth E. Lantrip to Master Venture LLC, 647 N. 12th St., $58,000.
F. & D Investors Llp to Cesar Antonio Ramirez Jr. and Gianna Sherie Ramirez, 1026 Pear St., $174,000.
Ana M. Monterroso Ramirez to Yayaa Properties LLC, 634 Birch St., $115,000.
Onesound Management LLC to Jose Alfredo Lopez Guzman, 1446 Cotton St., $42,000.
Maria Cespedes to Mmr Perry LLC, 1237 Perry St., $51,000.
Prestige Properties of Reading LLC to Reading Property 2 LLC, 1004 N. 10th St., $135,000.
Mary Luz Stevens to Tyrese Stevens and Mary Luz Stevens, 1347 N. 9th St.
Irene N. Erkens and Steven R. Erkens to Reading Property 2 LLC, 523 Gordon St., $100,000.
Douglass Chappelear and Douglass Brown to D&T Property Investors LLC, 1437 Cotton St.
Bennet Lopez Perez to Cristina Florian and Rigoberto La Hoz, 1032 Weiser St., $215,000.
City of Reading Redevelopment Authority to City of Reading, 32 Cedar St.
Maria E. Gonzalez Fuentes to Gonzalez Penuela Properties LLC, 316 Carpenter St., $15,000.
Richmond Township
Mabel M. Stopp to Keith Frisch and Lilyan M. Frisch, 443 Dryville Road, $280,000.
Robeson Township
Connor D. McGahuey and Logan N. McGahuey to Connor D. McGahuey and Logan N. McGahuey, 133 Shady Lane, $1.
Jeffrey L. Fink and Kathleen M. Fink to Kathleen And Jeffrey Fink Revocable Living Trust, 832 W. 1st St.
Richard L. Zepiora Jr. and Tamara A. Zepiora to Richard L. Zepiora Jr., 131 S. Wayne St., $1.
Jnl Real Estate LLC to Harlie Ann Jaskierski and Anthony James Jaskierski, 33 W. Chestnut Ave., $175,000.
Rockland Township
Aaron Moyer and Morgan E. Huseman to Whitaker Property Group LLC, 44 Forgedale Road, $122,000.
Ruscombmanor Township
Hickory Building & Remodeling LLC to Joseph B. Fazzari, 153 Fry Road, $1.
Robert C. Grubb to Robert C. Grubb and Lisa M. Grubb, 134 Philadelphia Ave.
L. Kathryn Linn to Ardis Michelle Singleton and Shannon L. Leonhard, 401 W. Lancaster Ave., $339,900.
Just- Investments LLC to Neal Simpkins, 101 Chestnut St., $320,000.
Sinking Spring
Ishverbhai Patel Estate to Jignesh I. Patel, 354 Sioux Court, $1.
Frank G. Suruskie Estate to Juan Ramirez Gomez and Maribel Martinez De Ramirez, 38 Woodrow Ave., $245,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Phyllis J. Alan Estate to Nathan B. Carr, 406 Epsilon Drive, $240,000.
Ann Steller to Ann D. Steller Irrevocable Trust, 17 Roxberry Drive.
Anton B. Bodanza Estate and Rose A. Bodanza Estate to Tyler Angle and Acacia E. Angle, 112 N. Galen Hall Road, $355,000.
Tyler J. Angle and Acacia E. Angle to Cody A. Michaels, 284 N. Galen Hall Road, $270,000.
Julian Rodriguez to Adrian Rodriguez, 103 Albert Place, $190,000.
Spring Township
Virgen Rubero to Edras Gonzalez Nieves and Luz Maria Cruz Marti, 15 Cecil Ave., $277,000.
Mary T. Baro and Phillip J. Hruska to Mary T. Baro and Phillip J. Hruska, 113 Hawthorne Court, $1.
Jm Family Investors LLC to Jason Kissinger and Kimberly Weniger, 505 Deborah Drive, $340,000.
Hildegard S. Frei to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Jean Gail Fremoyer and Equity Trust Company and Jean Gail Fremoyer, 2219 Penn Ave., $175,000.
Robert E. Keiser and Diane J. Keiser to Gerardo Hernandez Gomez, 2039 Reading Blvd., $332,000.
David J. Haughney and Carol A. Haughney to Cindia B. Torres Colon, 2247 Reading Ave., $190,000.
Cheryl B. Siatkowski to Cheryl B. Siatkowski Irrevocable Trust, 147 Primrose Lane.
Russell E. Greaves Jr. and Margaret L. Greaves to Russell E. Greaves Jr., 2105 Wellington Blvd., $1.
Elfriede Schneider Estate to Annette S. Burris, 106 Primrose Lane, $270,000.
Jean H. Metzger Revocable Trust to Marilyn Ribeiro, 1603 Ethan Drive, $1.
Kens LLC to Andrew L. Rubright and Colleen D. Rubright, 1913 Lincoln Ave., $499,900.
St Lawrence
Karen A. Liriano Martinez to Norielizabeth Maldonado Colon, 3105 Perkiomen Ave., $190,900.
Tilden Township
Brian Rumpilla to Michael Dailey, Willow Road, $62,500.
Robert D. Vansyckle Estate to Ashley Rowe, 416 W. Franklin St., $250,000.
Erminia L. Heffner to Jeffrey L. Heffner and Joey L. Heffner, 421 W. Weiss St.
Tulpehocken Township
Lee E. Bashore Estate to Joel L. Weaver and Bethany R. Weaver, 22 Bordner Road and Bordner Road, $1.
Union Township
Laura Fitzcharles Estate to Margaret Kinasz, 21 Union St., $1.
Pamela E. Simmers to Scarlet Corner LLC, 150 Red Corner Road, $1.
Washington Township
Quillens Stevens to Quillens Stevens Living Trust, 587 Forgedale Road, $1.
C. William Smith Jr. and Gail S. Smith to Melissa D. Fronheiser, 1 Apple St., $400,000.
West Reading
Maxine E. Goodwin Estate to Christopher Madara, 327 Summit St., $200,000.
Daikeda Talley and Charmaine E. Robinson to Madeline McMullen, 229 Chestnut St., $185,000.
Thomas W. Dautrich to Victor A. Cabello Rivera, 432 Sycamore Road, $212,500.
Cody A. Wilimzig and Shauna M. Wilimzig to Cody James Hernley, 251 S. 4th St., $189,500.
Daniel Burlacu to Kelsey Mosser and Paul Michel, 18 S. 2nd St., $229,900.
Loretta L. Barnes and Dorothy L. Ibach Estate and Robert B. Ibach to Loretta L. Barnes, 539 W. Franklin St., $1.
Jonathan R. Day & Linda L Day Revocable Trust to Alessandra Tursi and Federico Uccelli, 15 Cardinal Place, $600,000.
Catanach Living Trust to Austin Lubas and Olivia Kreider, 1214 Delaware Ave., $506,000.
James A. Ruth Jr. and Corunna A. Ruth to Ruth Family Irrevocable Trust, 1801 Cambridge Av C-13, $1.
Michael Gerard Gaza and Mary Anne Gaza to Nikki Molinaro and Brock Molinaro, 1713 Meadowlark Road, $900,000.
Mohamed Tourki and Naima Tourki to Amal Trust, 21 Evans Ave., $1.
Mohamed Tourki and Naima Tourki to Amal Trust, 23 Evans Ave., $1.
Aurora Amg LLC to Duane Longfellow, 416 Oley St., $240,000.
Joanna R. Kachel Estate to Lyle E. Musser and Laura M. Musser, 636 N. Wyomissing Blvd., $342,000.
Kens LLC to Andrew L. Rubright and Colleen D. Rubright, 1913 Lincoln Ave., $499,900.

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