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Crews contain blaze at manufacturing facility in Exeter Township

Crews contained a fire at a manufacturing facility in Exeter Township Thursday afternoon.

Initial calls about 1:10 p.m. reported smoke from the building owned by Natural Pack Inc. at 100 Gibraltar Road.

Natural Pack of Santa Barbara, California, produces garden supplies. Their most popular brand is Supermoss, which includes various types of preserved moss and similar plant products.

Those products, which were in the process of being preserved, were what caught fire in the facility, according to Eric Lessig, deputy fire chief of the Exeter Township Fire Department.

“They bake (the material) in a kiln to dry them out,” Lessig said. “They have the stuff on drying racks…it’s a combustible product, it smokes up, we had to go in and were able to put the (fire) out, get the smoke out of the building.”

He said the fire did not spread to the building itself, but only affected the products, and was contained to the roughly 20-by-20-foot kiln room.

“Within a half hour to an hour we had it pretty well knocked down and under control,” Lessig said.

Employees were evacuated safely, and there were no injuries among firefighters, although some firefighters were evaluated by emergency services due to fatigue from the heat in the kiln room, Lessig noted.

He said the facility will likely be back up and running tomorrow.

Source: Berkshire mont

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