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Here are the results for contested borough council races in Berks and City Council seat

Tuesday’s election included eight contested races for borough council throughout Berks County and one City Council district.

Voters selected four candidates in each race unless otherwise noted. Borough council members serve four-year terms.

Here are the unofficial results. Totals may not include all mailed and absentee ballots and do not include any provisional ballots or write-in votes.

Names in bold are currently in a position to win.

Birdsboro (vote for 3)

Robert Myers (D) 454

Anthony P. Scioli (R) 425

Matthew Elgonitis (R) 421

Mary Ann Cotter (D) 410

Robert L. Chafin Jr. (R) 320


Charles W. Neubauer (R) 409

Keith Endy (R) 393

Charles N. Heller (R) 361

Jeffrey Cascino (R) 351

Charles A. Haddad (D) 338


Peter O’Brien (R) 260

Branden Moyer (R) 241

Scott Stamm (R) 238

Jonathan L. Smith (R) 217

Kerry T. Grassley (D) 213


Janet L. Hess (D) 293

Heather Sustello (D) 254

Andrea J. Harris (R) 242

Bethany J. Pursell (D) 229

Christopher Correll (D) 223


Jonathan E. Davis Sr. (D/R) 532

Gary L. Hafer (D/R) 527

Daniel J. McDevitt (D/R) 502

Jason M. Kercher (R) 485

Mary K. Gudikunst (D) 260

Shoemakersville 2-year-term (vote for 2)

Michael George Grim (R) 185

Dana L. Randazzo (D) 129

Amy Botwright (Shoey Gnome Aficianatos) 106


Alane Falcone (R) 238

Eric L. Stoudt (R) 229

Michelle D. Stoudt (R) 227

Carol Cook (R) 215

Caitlin Moll (D) 211

Monica D. Kunkel (D) 186

Ethan Polinsky (No affiliation) 177

Kathy Hassler (D) 173


William S. Jenckes (R) 1,645

Frederick R. Mogel (R) 1,608

Ronald C. Stanko (R) 1,505

Jana R. Barnett (D) 1,383

Jen Reimer (D) 1,381

Shane R. Paisley (R) 1,356

Katie Maher (D) 1,268

Jacqueline Torres (D) 1,260

Reading District 1 (vote for one)

Brianna E. Tyson (D) 534

Louis R. Perugini (R) 339

For results for all races visit

Source: Berkshire mont

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