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Letter: Exeter Township supervisors stymie needed changes


I am a resident and taxpayer in Exeter Township. The country is going bad, so you would think a township would try to save money, but that’s not so. I would like to know why most of the township supervisors do everything they can to stop fellow Supervisor David Hughes from doing his job. He is trying to save money by working for the taxpayers. Instead the supervisors do things like cut him off, block his computer so people couldn’t see what was on it and take credit for doing nothing except going after Hughes’ ideas for saving money.

Hughes warned us about the lousy Reading Country Club deal with the DoubleTree hotel. Now we are paying dearly for it. He pointed out discrepancies in the company’s budget presentation, and they were speechless.

Hughes is doing his job, but Supervisors Ted Gardella, George Bell and Michelle Kircher think it is a three-ring circus with our money. This must stop. What else don’t they want us to find out? Hughes should keep going.

Richard R. Zeiber
Exeter Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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