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Letter: It’s time to redesign confusing mail ballots


It’s incredible that more than 600 Berks County voters — who went to the trouble to request, complete and send in their ballots — failed to date them properly. And the same thing happened last election cycle.

The courts and election officials have spent countless hours examining and debating how to address this failure. Wouldn’t a simple solution be to redesign the signature portion of the mail-in ballot? People seem to remember to sign, but the date box is at the bottom of the page under a section not filled by most voters.

An obvious correction would place a well-marked box for “Today’s Date” immediately adjacent to the signature line. (I understand some people erroneously write in their birth date.)

Will some official reply that redesigning or reprinting ballots is too expensive. I remember cost as an issue in an earlier controversy about Spanish-language ballots.

Is ballot dating a problem encountered in other counties or states? If not, either Berks mail-in voters are worse at following directions, or its ballots are more confusingly designed.

Janet Knudsen

Source: Berkshire mont

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