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Rock Music Menu: Tipsy Elves has your Halloween needs and more; Rolling Stones ‘Tattoo You’ gets re-released on 40th anniversary

New Jersey horror punk icons the Misfits famously declared “I remember Halloween” on their song named for the holiday. While that track marks its 40th anniversary this upcoming October 31, the rest of us are hoping to get back to a semblance of normality next weekend to celebrate the annual ghouls’ night out after the pandemic kept 2020 to low-key minimum.

The year off has left many out of practice, and if you’re like me, waiting until the last minute is always the way to go whether it’s planned or not. Unfortunately, by then most of those pop-up stores with “Adventure” and “Spirit” in their names are picked over and – let’s be honest – it’s not like most of their offerings were top notch or quality in the first place.

Enter Tipsy Elves, who got their start a decade ago in the midst of the “ugly sweater” craze, got an additional boost in 2013 with an appearance on the reality investment show ‘Shark Tank’ and have since have since morphed into a one-stop-shop for all your holiday needs – and more. Nowadays they do everything from ridiculously colorful ski suits to Hawaiian shirts. But it’s the Halloween section that’s pretty unparalleled.

Whether you’re a man, woman or looking for an idea as couples – or even family – there’s something to be found at Tipsy Elves. They do scary, sexy, silly, cosplay and everything in-between. The quality of their items is outstanding and designed to last for more than one time around the block or trip to the pub.

Some of the favorites Rock Music Menu came across this year were the tried-and-true skeleton costumes. The one for men, a jumpsuit, zips up from the pelvic region – easy enough to find – and goes all the way up past the head, with mesh eyeholes that make it easy to see. It can also be zipped down a bit with the head part functioning as a hoodie. There’s a women’s version too.

Speaking of women, a more snugly fitting skeleton bodysuit also caught the eye, one that comes in the standard black with white bones and other version which have the bones in gold or colorfully iridescent. There’s a slew of choices for women, whether you want to go for a cutesy animal costume, traditional devil or witch, or something like a timely bottle of hand sanitizer.

This year’s hands down favorite though, for both genders, was no contest. The one-piece “dinosaur skeleton inflatable costume” is just as bonkers as it sounds. Tipsy Elves promises “you’ll be a walking, roaring piece of art,” and it’s hard to disagree.

Kids, from toddlers to preteens, have options from lions, dragons and pumpkins to sharks, lobsters and mummies. And don’t forget the accessories, be it earrings, gloves, wigs, a lion-tamer’s whip, skeleton headband that lights up, various chokers, necklaces and more.

Visit to see all they have to offer, including 20 percent off when you sign up for the email list.


Keep an eye on this spot as each week we’ll be looking at new or soon-to-be-released vinyl from a variety of artists. It might be a re-pressing of a landmark recording, special edition or new collection from a legendary act. This week, it’s the fourth LP from a British alt-rock favorite.

Harold Hoch

The 40th anniversary remaster of the original 11-track album includes favorites like “Hang Fire,” “Waiting on a Friend” – with a solo from jazz saxophone giant Sonny Rollins – and the opening track that’s been a band signature ever since, “Start Me Up.” (Photo courtesy of Michael Christopher)


There’s a lot of debate out there among music fans as to what was the last great Rolling Stones album of original material. The general consensus is that it was 1978’s ‘Some Girls,’ but now with a 40th anniversary edition release, there’s suddenly an unlikely case that can be made for ‘Tattoo You,’ released in 1981 just as tensions between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards was close to peaking.

The majority of the record was pulled from leftovers and song ideas from the aforementioned ‘Some Girls,’ ‘Goats Head Soup,’ ‘Black and Blue’ and ‘Emotional Rescue.’ Now, there’s no less than nine previously unreleased tracks from the era. Among these, “Living in the Heart of Love” is a quintessential Stones’ rock workout with all of the group on top form, complete with urgent guitar licks and fine piano detail.

The 40th anniversary remaster of the original 11-track album includes favorites like “Hang Fire,” “Waiting on a Friend” – with a solo from jazz saxophone giant Sonny Rollins – and the opening track that’s been a band signature ever since, “Start Me Up.” The deluxe formats will also include ‘Lost & Found: Rarities’ and ‘Still Life: Live at Wembley Stadium 1982.’ The unreleased songs from the period of the album’s original release are newly completed and enhanced with additional vocals and guitar by the Stones.

When it comes to vinyl, there are four different configurations of the set. The first is a single LP edition of the remastered ‘Tattoo You’ on 180gram black vinyl. Then there’s a 2LP deluxe black vinyl 180gram in a gatefold sleeve that includes the ‘Lost & Found: Rarities.’ A clear vinyl version of that set – exclusive to the official Rolling Stones store – is also available.

Finally, there is a 5LP super deluxe box set on 180gram vinyl. LP1 has the new remaster of ‘Tattoo You, LP2 is ‘Lost & Found: Rarities while LP3, 4 and 5 are made up of ‘Still Life: Live at Wembley Stadium 1982. Additionally, included is a 124-page hardback book featuring over 200 rare photos from recording sessions and the world tour to support the record and interviews with the producer and photographer from ‘Tattoo You.’

All the editions of ‘Tattoo You: 40th Anniversary Edition’ can be found online and in stores from all respectable retailers who carry vinyl.

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