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2 candidates seeking 1 seat as Maxatawny Township supervisor

The race for the Maxatawny Township supervisor will see two candidates vying for one seat.

Allen Leiby, a Republican, is the incumbent. He is being challenged by John R. de Planque, a Democrat.

Township supervisors serve six-year terms.

We asked the candidates to respond to two questions:

Question 1: Why do you believe you are the right person for this position?

Question 2: What are the most important issues facing the school district right now, and how do you plan to address them?

Allen Leiby, 66, Maxatawny Township

Party: Republican

Background: Born and raised in Maxatawny Township, dedicated to serving the people of the community. Proven leadership for supervisor of Maxatawny Township.

Response 1: Invested in rebuilding our outdated equipment fleet. Invested in our roadways and infrastructure. Worked to obtain federal funds to rebuild our aged water system in Bowers. Fought to hold the line on property taxes for our residents and businesses. Spearheaded the survey to allow taxpayers to decide their police service. Explored potential opportunities for farmland and open space preservation. Continue to strengthen our relationship and communication with our state police.

Response 2: Continue to strengthen our relationship and communication with our state police. Refine our ordinances to ensure responsible growth and development.

John de Planque, 79,  Maxatawny Township

Party: Democrat

Background: Retired veterinarian after 46 years in practice

Response 1: After 46 years as a problem solver for patients and clients, I believe I can contribute to the challenges facing our township, following issues in the township.

Response 2: The township supervisors have approved a major warehouse development that will produce massive traffic problems, likely create both water and air quality problems. We need to be better at managing this type of problem, rather than the current supervisors’ (two of whom have conflicts of interest regarding this proposal) approach, which seems to be, we can’t do anything to stop this situation.
As supervisor, I will take a proactive approach in the short term by encouraging local concerns be addressed by the board and in the long term, initiate actions to produce comprehensive regional planning to mitigate the impact on our local rural community.

Source: Berkshire mont

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