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Brandywine Heights Class of 2024 graduates 113

The Brandywine Heights High School Class of 2024 celebrated graduation during commencement held at Kutztown University on Wednesday, May 29.

Brandywine Heights High School Principal Matthew J. Dziunycz said in a statement the 113 graduates leave Brandywine with an energy that was so positive and a spirit that approached their days with hope.

“This was an involved and incredibly kind group of young people that is ready to make an impact on anything they choose to do next.”

Brandywine Heights High School graduates admire their diplomas. (Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Levy, Christmas City Studios)
Brandywine Heights High School graduates admire their diplomas. (Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Levy, Christmas City Studios)

He has known the Class of 2024 since they were fifth graders.

“I need to share how rewarding it is to have known a group of young people for so long that you literally get to see them grow and grow up right before your eyes,” Dziunycz said to the graduates.  “I’m excited for what the future may hold, just enjoying seeing how far you’ve come.”

Senior speaker Ashley Nace — crowned prom queen; varsity soccer two-time MVP, softball player all four years, a member of all three school bands, and a wrestler (first female in elementary school to start with the Bullet Mat Club) — opened with the class motto: “Chase your dreams, but always know the road that will lead you home again.”

She believes country singer songwriter Tim McGraw’s use of the word “home” in these lyrics sums up Brandywine’s Class of 2024 pretty well.

“We are a tight-knit community where everybody seems to know everybody,” said Nace.

Whether they go near or far, the Class of 2024 will always be tied back to this place, she said.

Nace believes home is a warm embrace when it’s most needed, contagious laughter from friends that brightens your mood or the presence of someone that gets you.

They all have a collective home at Brandywine. Now they have the chance to make a new one, with new opportunities, new people, and new life, she said.

Closing, Nace said: “Regardless of the memories you take with you, remember, this is your only life. Live it wisely. Chase your dreams as far as they go to the ends of the earth and back again…

“Because no matter how many bumps or potholes you encounter, you will always have the windy roads, through mountains and valleys, in a one stoplight town, leading you, Home.”

Members of the Brandywine Heights Class of 2024 celebrate their graduation from high school. (Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Levy, Christmas City Studios)
Members of the Brandywine Heights Class of 2024 celebrate their graduation from high school. (Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Levy, Christmas City Studios)

Senior speaker Dana Wartzenluft, captain of the varsity basketball and soccer teams, said a flurry of emotions is in the air from excitement and pride to nostalgia and nervousness.

“We have looked forward to this day for the past 13 years,” said Wartzenluft. “This marks the culmination of our hard work, perseverance and determination.”

Over the past four years, they formed friendships and connections while making major impacts in their small community, she said.

In closing, Wartzenluft said: “Class of 2024, the best is still yet to come. As each of us ventures into the next chapters of our lives, we’re leaving the comforts of high school and entering the real world.”

In her final words to her classmates, she said: “What we have gained over the past 13 years here strengthens us to achieve even more. Go out on your journeys. Work hard.  Let the best of you lead you.”

Senior speaker Meghan Miller — soccer and track four-year varsity captain; member of the Key Club, Eco Action and National Honor Society; and school board representative — said this moment is a celebration of how far they have come.

Miller said to that throughout their high school years, they spent nearly 5,000 hours in the classroom — reading, writing, calculating, learning, listening, doing and dreaming.

“Chasing our dreams is our innate nature. This is the one moment where anything is possible for you, take risks and follow your passions,” she said.

Overnight, their lives begin completely anew.

“Even though the future may be frightening, don’t let the unknown scare you, the future is yours to create,” said Miller.

The Class of 2024 will branch out into a new, unfamiliar world, not in fear, but in anticipation, she said.

“We are the voices of tomorrow, entrusted to create our own futures and shape the world into what we wish for it to become,” she said.

Miller said the Brandywine graduates will create their own legacies, stray from the beaten path, and persevere through future adversities with pride, just as they have been taught.

“This moment, today, when we walk across this stage isn’t the end. It may feel like the end of something, but really it’s the beginning of everything,” she said. “You will always be rooted in Brandywine, but allow your branches to grow as far as you choose.”

In closing, Miller said, “Today feels like the closing of a book, but it’s just the turning of a page. There’s still more to discover, more to achieve, and so much more to dream. It is time for us to write the next chapter. The future awaits.”



Brandywine Heights Superintendent Andrew Potteiger said this is an exciting time for him personally, having the privilege of seeing the Class of 2024 grow. This year is particularly special since his twin daughters, Grace and Avery, are part of this graduating class.

To the graduates, he said: “You will face some difficult times as you take on new challenges, but remember to be true to yourself, rely on the education and knowledge you have as well as your family and friends that will be their every step of the way.”

Wishing the Class of 2024 the best of luck as they embark on the next step in life, he said: “It has been truly a pleasure seeing you grow and mature into intelligent, motivated young adults.”

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