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Column: Eagles working through a lot ‘of new inventory’

For those who missed it, the Eagles are in rebuilding mode.

The coaching staff has been overhauled with 35-year-old Kellen Moore the new offensive coordinator and grizzled veteran Vic Fangio the defensive coordinator. Quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier is another big change on a staff with nine new faces. Losing six of your last seven games in brutal fashion as the Eagles did last season will do that.

What Eagles fans need to know is they cannot expect instant success with so many major moving parts.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts was unfairly accused of having a poor minicamp by goofballs charting his completions who had no idea what the play concepts were much less what the specific drills were designed to accomplish.

Nonetheless there was a subtle yet telling revelation made by Hurts that had nothing to do with his widely publicized inability to describe what Sirianni’s new role was now that Moore has taken over the offense.

“Right now, it’s been a lot of new inventory in,” Hurts said. “The majority of it, probably 95% of it being new.”

If Hurts had a better sense of humor, he would have said something like “Everything is different in this offense but the Brotherly Shove” package. That would have been hilarious, as well as understandable.

For Hurts it’s a new day with Moore’s offense emphasizing underneath throws, slants, wide receiver screens and play action passes. Trust me, Hurts isn’t a fan of screens. Those other throws are not strengths, either.

Hurts has a gift for producing incredible unscripted plays. Now he’s being asked to dink and dunk and hand the ball off to Saquon Barkley, who many believe is a perfect fit for the Moore offense but really isn’t because he’s a runner, not a receiver.

The Eagles recently locked up wide receivers AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith with hefty contract extensions.

The punishment receivers take in the Moore offense is almost legendary. I don’t see the short passing game being at all popular with anybody but the tight ends.

Moore uses a lot of 12 personnel and that should appease Dallas Goedert, CJ Uzomah (6-6, 271) and Albert Okwuegbunam Jr. (6-6, 258).

How Moore is going to adequately spread the ball around in desirable places to the receivers and Barkley, who are making most of the money, is a major question.

Hurts has had issues spreading the ball around to his stars. Cue the film of Brown, Smith and even Goedert on the Eagle sideline.

The bottom line is trust. Right now, who can Hurts trust other than his teammates?

Sirianni, whether pressured into it or not got rid of offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, a confidant of Hurts.

Ninety-five percent new means it’s not the Eagles’ offense that Hurts flourished in and nearly celebrated a Super Bowl title with. Nussmeier recruited him to Florida, so he’s familiar with his skills set but what does that really mean?

It sure looks like the Eagles want Hurts to transition into a brand new role. How smart is that?

Hurts is overwhelmed. He’s swamped to the point that when asked what he’s noticed about the change in Sirianni’s role he replied, “I mean, that’s a great question.

“I don’t know that I know the answer to it,” Hurts said. “I think he’s just been great in the messages he’s delivering to the team. He’s trying to be very intentional with what he’s saying. Yeah.”

Hurts, for the record, was encouraging talking about the new coaches and the long hours of learning ahead. He’s anything but averse to hard work.

Like the old timers say, time takes time.

On the NFL level Hurts has been most successful in situations where there is coaching and player continuity. Starting over, which basically is what he must do to be efficient in the Moore offense will take time.

There’s no guarantee it will work, though.

There must be trust, and right now Hurts is without Johnson as well as two of the biggest resources he had last season: retired center Jason Kelce and veteran quarterback Marcus Mariota (Commanders), who knows how to handle change and high expectations.

Hurts will have to trust his instincts and the verve of Moore, who wasn’t a big hit last season with the Chargers and has been with the Cowboys long enough to know how that franchise is regarded around these parts.

We’re going to learn a lot about Hurts and the Eagles this season.

If he’s still talking about changes in December, the conversation will turn to another rebuild along with who do you want to be your next quarterback polls featuring draftable players like Carson Beck (Georgia), Jalen Milroe (Alabama) and Shedeuer Sanders (Colorado).

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