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Dom DiSandro banned from field after sideline scuffle with 49ers’ Dre Greenlaw

Eagles security chief Dom DiSandro has been banned from the field on game day until further notice after putting himself in the middle of a sideline tussle Sunday with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

The Eagles released a statement Saturday explaining that DiSandro will be able to perform his other duties and will make the trip to Dallas but not be allowed on the field.

“This is an ongoing conversation with the NFL, and we are going to respect the restriction that is currently in place,” the Eagles’ statement read. “Although Dom will not be on the sideline this Sunday he will continue to fulfill his role with the team in all other capacities.”

The NFLfined Greenlaw $10,927 for body-slamming Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith in front of the Eagles’ bench area in the third quarter of what became a 42-19 win over the Birds.

While Greenlaw confronted a host of screaming Eagles players on the sideline, where his illegal and violent tackle was made, DiSandro shoved and pointed at him. Greenlaw then shot his arm out and pointed at DiSandro, hitting him in the head.

It so stunned referee Shawn Kemp that he got in touch NFL Senior Vice President of Officiating Walt Anderson, who explained through a pool reporter that he recommended the ejections of both Greenlaw and DiSandro.

While baiting Greenlaw did not seem to be the objective of DiSandro, the ugly precedent had been set; i.e. you can get a starter ejected simply by setting him up for a tussle with a non-player.

Philadelphia Eagles chief security officer Dom DiSandro at a press conference following the Eagles loss to the San Francisco 49ers, on Sunday night. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)
Philadelphia Eagles chief security officer Dom DiSandro at a press conference following the Eagles loss to the San Francisco 49ers, on Sunday night.(Matt Slocum – The Associated Press)

Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan was livid that a DiSandro could get his player ejected.

“Just can’t believe someone not involved in a football game can taunt our players like that and put their hands in our guy’s face and from what I was told, Dre did it back to him and was told that he kind of mashed him in the face a little bit, so he got ejected,” Shanahan said. “It was a very frustrating play.”

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan
San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan in the 2020 season

Shanahan has since moved on from the episode. Greenlaw and DiSandro apologized discreetly to each other, per reports.

The NFL sent teams another memo stating that “non-player personnel are prohibited from making physical contact with, taunting, or directing abusive or insulting language toward opposing players, game officials, or others involved in a game.”

At his news conference Monday, Sirianni defended DiSandro.

“Dom is as good as they get in this business,” Sirianni said. “I’m so thankful for him. He’s going to always try to diffuse situations, right? That’s what he does. That’s his job. And so obviously it was unfortunate yesterday, but I know in Dom’s heart, he truly was trying to diffuse the situation right there. I’m sad that it came to what it came to, that anybody got thrown out of the game. The play was what it was. There was a lot of emotion in that game. I’ve seen Dom do that before where he’s trying to diffuse the situation. Again, that’s what he does. Yeah, I know where his heart is and it’s truly to diffuse the situation and to stop what was going on, on the sideline.”


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