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Ductz is on a mission to improve indoor air quality

Dave Keeports doesn’t want to compare cleaning air ducts to a military operation, but his experience stationed in Germany during the Cold War has taught him about what it takes to efficiently run a business.

Dave and his son Tyler are the co-owners of a new franchise for Ductz, “the nation’s top-ranked air-duct cleaning franchise.”

The fifth Ductz location in Pennsylvania, the Keeports’ franchise opened in August and serves northern Lancaster and Lebanon counties, as well as the Reading area.

“Indoor air quality is becoming a much more important thing,” said Dave, 55, “when you look at the rise of asthma and allergies, and COVID. You have to clean the air in order to clean the space. It’s not just about wiping down surfaces. Where we’re at in Lancaster County, the pollen is incredible.”

Tyler, 25, also has military experience that turned into business experience. Tyler spent 2017 in Mosul, Iraq, fighting what he calls “the whole ISIS thing.” He was a combat engineer in the 82nd Airborne Division and did work with explosives.

“He jumped out of airplanes for a living,” Dave said.

“Rain or shine, storms, nights, days,” Tyler said, “you’re pretty much jumping no matter what.”

After Tyler returned to civilian life, Dave saw a changed son. Tyler now had a much greater sense of responsibility and attention to detail.

“When there’s a task to do, you accomplish it,” Dave said. “You don’t whine, you don’t look at the hardships. We don’t take shortcuts in the military because the results can be disastrous.”

“It’s a lot more enjoyable than doing electrical work,” said Tyler, a former electrician. “It’s an up-and-coming industry. I don’t think any work is really enjoyable. We’re doing it for the customers.”

People, he said, are just happier to see duct cleaners than electricians.

It’s not unusual for the father-son duo to see animals, toys, money and even eating utensils up in the ducts. They recently cleaned the ducts of a young woman who just bought a house from a heavy smoker. Seeing the look on her face when the job was done made it all worth it.

Ductz of North Lancaster and Lebanon Counties

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