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Here are the results for contested school board races

Tuesday’s election included contested races for seats on school boards in 11 of the 18 school districts in Berks County.

Voters selected four candidates in each race, unless otherwise noted. School board members serve four-year terms.

Here are the unofficial results. Totals may not include all mailed and absentee ballots and do not include any provisional ballots or write-in votes.

Names in bold are currently in a position to win.


Jason Mell (D/R) 3,492

Julia J. Shaffer (D/R) 3,292

Timothy Morgan (D/R) 3,275

Andrea Battler (D/R) 2,808

Theodore J. Gardella (L) 1,935

Gov. Mifflin

James D. Ulrich (D/R) 4,144

Christina Worley (D/R) 3,842

Michele Hill O’Brien (D) 3,515

Annette C. Baker (R) 3,454

Caryn Friedlander (D) 3,450

Cody Tyler Youse (R) 3,344


Janet L. Howard (D/R) 2,176

Richard E. Hoffmaster (D/R) 2,094

Kristyna Eagle (D) 1,982

Miguel Vasquez (R) 1,817

Kristy Rothenberger (D) 1,742

S. Wayne Hardy (R) 1,710

Oley Valley

Zachary D. Fatkin (R) 2,197

Aaron Keller (R) 2,144

Maria Bogdanova-Peifer (D/R) 1,963

Dawn Zackon (D/R) 1,577

Ralph Richard (D) 1,440

Alison Paules-Rettew (D) 1,372


Rachel Elizabeth Kuhn (D/R) 2,432

Melissa G. Phillips (D/R) 2,137

Terrie Taylor (D/R) 2,067

Esmine Veronica Townsend (D) 1,427

Jessica D. Stabile (L) 782

Valentin Rodriguez Jr. (Federated Taxpayer) 468

Wyomissing, 2-year (vote for one)

Steven Pottieger (D) 2,560

Valentin Rodriguez Jr. (federate taxpayer) 379

Boyertown region 2 (vote for one)

Anthony Pannarello (R) 1,937

Sonia Mastros (D) 960

Boyertown region 3 (vote for one)

Jeffrey Zawada (R) 2,473

Jon Emeigh (D) 1,245

Conrad Weiser region 3 (vote for two)

Joshua Speirs (R) 803

Frank Kaczmarczyk (D/R) 682

Hector R. Feliciano (D) 373

Daniel Boone region 1 (vote for two)

Russell Jirik (R) 767

Beverly Dawn Albright (D) 702

Steve Miller (D/R) 525

Daniel Boone region 2 (vote for one)

Bucky Scott (R) 929

Cody Zaeske (D) 533

Hamburg region 3 (vote for two)

Laura Lesher (R) 1,017

Ryan Gebely (R) 871

Thao Huynh (D) 371

Kutztown region 1 (vote for one)

Michael J. Hess (D) 649

Steven A. Morris (R) 428

Kutztown region 2 (vote for one)

Erin M. Engel (R) 672

Steven Schnell (D) 490

Kutztown region 3 (vote for two)

Jason Koch (R) 1,039

Karl H. Nolte III (D/R) 643

Charles N. Shurr Jr. (D) 559

Twin Valley region 2 (vote for two)

Tracy M. Phillips (R) 1,296

Jay Oliver (R) 1,252

Sandra Deemer (D) 724

Colleen Yenser (D) 723

For results for all races visit

Source: Berkshire mont

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