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How PA politicians are reacting to the Trump verdict

By Jan Murphy and Amy Worden | (TNS)

The New York jury’s verdict that found former President Donald Trump guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up a sexual scandal that threatened his 2016 candidacy, barely had time to sink in before Pennsylvania politicians began sharing their reactions.

No surprise, the reactions came down along party lines:

Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa of Allegheny County: “Today’s thirty-four count guilty verdicts mark an enormous moment for Donald Trump and his decades of lies and deception. The message sent today was loud and clear: no one is above the law. While it’s certainly unprecedented for a former president to be found guilty in this manner, it’s important to remember that the law must apply fairly and equally to everyone, regardless of their income, ZIP code, or occupation. Today brings mixed emotions – while I’m glad that justice was served, it’s also sad to know that a dishonest businessman was the Commander-in-Chief for four full years. I look forward to next steps in this process as we pursue truth and justice.”

U.S. Senate GOP candidate Dave McCormick: “This is a terrible day for America and for trust in our justice system. As CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said, ‘I doubt the New York indictment would have been brought against a defendant whose name was not Donald Trump.’ This case should never have been brought in the first place, and this miscarriage of justice is despicable. I look forward to the appeal.”

U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Pa.: “The prosecution’s frivolous case against Donald Trump was a weaponization of our justice system and a blatant attempt to undermine democracy. They just convicted a former president of the United States in a trial where most people don’t even know what crime was alleged. This trial never would have happened if Trump were not running for president. There was no crime committed and the evidence,.or lack thereof, in no way supported this verdict…Prosecuting political opponents happens in third-world countries not in America. Our adversaries are viewing this as a failure of democracy. Americans should take notice. If America can do this to a former president and leading GOP candidate for president, Americans should ask ‘who’s next’? The left has succeeded in poisoning our justice system and as President Trump said, the real verdict will be delivered on November 5.”

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa.: “These are the actions of a dictator, plain and simple. Joe Biden has corrupted the awesome power of the U.S. government. His and his radical Left minions’ weaponization of ‘lawfare’ to destroy their political opponents is nothing more than a Soviet-style show trial, replete with fake charges, the impossibility of innocence, and a predetermined outcome; it’s clear to anyone who even remotely values and respects our Constitution. Donald Trump has been persecuted relentlessly at the hands of the Left for political gain, and the American People know it – which is why he’s even more strongly supported around the Nation… This is breathtaking outrage, and far beyond the bounds of politics and elections.The future of our Democratic Republic has never been more at risk.”

Rep. Russ Diamond, R-Lebanon County: (posted on X along with a photo of Trump) “Looks like I’ll be voting 34x harder for this fellow in November.”

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Philadelphia and Democratic nominee for Auditor General: “Today a former President has been found guilty of 34 felony charges. But make no mistake, this election will be won at the ballot box, not in a courthouse.”

U.S. Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa.: “Joe Biden and Alvin Bragg weaponized our judicial system, turning our nation into a banana republic filled with kangaroo courts designed to target their political rivals. It’s the worst abuse of power in American history. Pray for our nation and President Trump.”

U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans, D-Pa.: “No one should be above the law in America, and today’s verdict is an affirmation of that important principle.”

U.S. Rep. John Joyce, R-Pa.: “From day one far left prosecutors have targeted President Trump and carried out a brazen attack against the Republican nominee for president. Today’s decision does not change the fact that President Biden has failed the American people and that President Trump WILL WIN back the White House this November.”

US Rep Lloyd Smucker, R-Pa.: “Joe and Hunter Biden get special treatment, Trump is dragged through a sham trial. Two justice systems. Very sad day for the country and rule of law.”

Rep. Barb Gleim, R-Cumberland County: “Political agenda of the left indeed, to use a rigged legal process to attempt to win an election. Sad and despicable. Weaponizing the legal system will harm our country’s future and I pray every American citizen sends a message with their vote in November. God help America.”

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