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Jets name C.J. Mosley their team MVP for 2021-22 season

C.J Mosley: Jets MVP.

Mosley was named the Curtis Martin Team MVP for being the heart and soul of the Jets this season.

“It was an awesome feeling, I was very honored,” Mosley said Wednesday. “I’m very blessed to be voted MVP by my peers, by my brothers. It’s always a humbling and vulnerable experience when you get to talk in front of a group of men, especially men that look up to you and believe in you. It definitely means a lot to be MVP.”

It’s almost impossible to find a member of the Jets organization who has something bad to say about Mosley from the players to the coaches. He’s been the unquestioned leader of one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

“C.J is one of the best players I ever played against and probably the best guy I will play with,” Quinnen Williams said. “When it comes down to communication and come down to executing, when it comes down to vocal leadership or leading by example and different things like that. He may be one of the best in the business.”

Mosley also helped the Jets new coaching staff lay a foundation in their first year. He was the poster child for how the organization wants to grow.

And he’s been the bright spot of a defense ranked 32nd in points and yards allowed this season.

“C.J. is awesome,” Robert Saleh said. “You guys know how I feel about C.J. I know everyone saw that he was voted Team MVP, but I’ve made a comment before that he’s an All-Pro player and an All-Pro human. He’s one of the more thoughtful individuals. I think his locker room presence is phenomenal, his leadership is phenomenal. When he speaks, everyone listens even though he doesn’t really speak that much. Just been a pleasure.

“For a guy who’s accomplished so much in his career, to have a new staff come in here and ask him to lose 20 pounds and he does it,” Saleh added. “To ask him to show up to OTAs and he does it. To ask him to adjust the way he’s played linebacker his whole career, he does it and he’s having a heck of a season. Not because of coaching, but because he’s an unbelievable football player and he works so hard at it. Credit to him and everything. He deserves every accolade he gets and I’m really happy he’s here.”

Mosley is also worthy of praise off the field, but his on the field play this season has been noteworthy because it’s his first season back after a two year hiatus.

In the 2021-22 season, he’s registered 155 tackles, fifth most in the NFL, adding added two sacks, two tackles for loss and two QB hits to his career totals. He also is tied for the most run stops (84) among linebackers in the NFL, according to Next Gen Stats.

This season allowed Mosley to remind the football world he’s still here.

“I still can play this game at a high level,” Mosley said. “Despite the injury, despite opting out last year, my game is the same if not better, in my opinion. So still, obviously a lot to work on. Still getting smarter, still getting better. Looking at new reads, figuring out offenses. That’s just a work in progress every single day trying to elevate your game.”

The Jets should reward their team and Mosley by adding more talent around the four-time Pro-Bowler since they will have the assets to do so in the offseason.

Source: Berkshire mont

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