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Letter: America headed toward disaster under Democrats


President Donald Trump had American borders secure. Remember his “wait in Mexico” policy? Then President Joe Biden took office and undid everything Trump had accomplished.

TV personality Dr. Phil McGraw was at the border in Texas and talked with border agents there. They told him that instead of the 6 million or 7 million illegal immigrants breaching our border, it’s more like 13 million to 14 million. Among those are an estimated 33,000 Chinese nationals, many of them men of military age.

Are we crazy or what? We give immigrants asylum, food, housing, medical care and schooling. What we should give them is proper vetting and health exams. We don’t know who they are, where they come from or what their intentions are. A group of migrants beat up two New York policemen in Times Square. They were arrested but then released without bail by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. When released they gave the middle finger to reporters. It was hard to find mainstream media coverage of this, as it doesn’t fit liberal narratives.

How messed up has America become? Open borders, irresponsible spending, no longer knowing what gender we are and incompetent administrators in many positions, especially the presidency.

If we keep electing Democrats, we may as well stick a fork in America; she’ll be done.

Pray that America wakes up before we become the Globalist State of America.

Keith Folk

Source: Berkshire mont

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