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Letter: America needs more God, not more man-made laws


What America needs is more God, not more laws. Laws are man-made. They are imperfect and temporal and often have unintended consequences. Today, we’re faced with behaviors that are not just lawless but worse. They’re immoral, and some are consummate evil. And, the age-old truth is, you cannot legislate morality.

Our fundamental problem stems not from too few laws, but from opposing paradigms about the godly or ungodly true nature of man. Some believe mankind is inherently good and that it’s the failure of society and its imperfect legal system that leads people astray. It’s why today’s secularists advocate for more laws, fewer consequences and absolutely no moral judgements.

Others recognize mankind’s fallen nature and believe that we are all inherently sinful. They point to people’s deficient moral compasses and abhorrent soulless acts as indicators that our nation needs more God. We need nuclear families, schools, and churches that instill and praise moral behaviors and public shame that condemns anti-social ones.

Failure to internalize God’s sovereignty over all — not too few man-made laws — is responsible for acts of evil we witness more regularly each passing year. We can and ought to aspire to goodness and altruism. But, we must first acknowledge that our hard-wired human instincts inevitably default to selfishness, greed and coveting.

May God help us repent and restore morality to America.

David A. Hagginbothom
Williamsburg, Va.
Editor’s note: Hagginbothom is formerly of Muhlenberg Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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