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Letter: Biden, Harris show terrible incompetence


It looks as though President Joe Biden is as incompetent in Afghanistan as Vice President Kamala Harris is at the southern border. If those two are the best the Democratic Party can come up with, then America’s in big trouble.

Tens of thousands probably will die in Afghanistan due to Biden’s stupidity. Meanwhile, more than a million illegal immigrants have breached America’s southern border, risking further spread of COVID-19, thanks to hopeless Harris and lying Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In addition to those disasters, America’s consumer prices are skyrocketing, COVID-19 is very much alive and China is getting deeper and deeper into America’s interests. Does anyone have voter’s remorse yet?
And yes, Marxism and communism are at America’s door. I’m worried it might already be in Washington, D.C.

Keith Folk

Source: Berkshire mont

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