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Letter: Biden has blood on his hands in Afghanistan


President Donald Trump had an agreement with the Afghan government and Taliban leaders for a U.S. withdrawal.
Along with the withdrawal would be a coalition government.

Trump told the Taliban in no uncertain terms that if they didn’t follow all the terms of the agreement or if any American was harmed, he would use the full force of the U.S military to obliterate them. There were no U.S. casualties in Afghanistan for 18 months.

The commonsense plan was to keep the Air Force base open, withdraw American citizens and then remove our equipment.
The Biden plan was to close the air base, leave equipment for the Taliban and then try to get Americans out. The equipment included 75,000 vehicles, 600,000 rifles and ammunition, and 208 aircraft, including Blackhawk helicopters and drones.

This is truly the most incompetent president in the history of our country. Biden tries to shift the blame to Trump based on the agreement with the Taliban. Yet he had no trouble canceling other Trump policies. There was no need to set a date to leave, it was all based on conditions on the ground at the time.

Obama administration Secretary of State Robert Gates said Biden has been wrong on almost every foreign policy for the last 40 years. Biden has the blood on his hands of at least 13 brave Marines who died and others who were injured. It is time for him to step down before someone else gets killed because of his horrible decisions.

Dennis Wasser
Windsor Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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