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Letter: Biden has poor record in choices for key posts


President Joe Biden has nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, a Black woman, to the U.S. Supreme Court. I wish her only the best. However, could you imagine the outcry over racism and misogyny had Biden announced that his nominee had to be a white male?

Any nomination should be based on experience and qualifications, not race or gender simply to achieve diversity. For example, there’s Vice President Kamala Harris, who shows nothing but incompetence at anything she attempts.
Next is Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Under his watch more than 2 million illegal immigrants have invaded America.

Is either one qualified?

Then there’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. He and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley seem more concerned about teaching our troops about critical race theory, white rage and other woke ideas than defending Americans. After three more years of this indoctrination, our military readiness will resemble something between “F Troop” and the Boy Scouts. Consider the shameful Afghanistan withdrawal and the Americans we left behind.

And don’t forget Biden’s appointment of Attorney General Merrick Garland. He determined that the FBI should hunt down Jan. 6, 2021, rioters and investigate school parents opposed to the indoctrination of their children while disregarding the Black Lives Matter rioters and antifa criminals.

Let’s pray America doesn’t become another Cuba, Venezuela or Ukraine during Biden’s watch.

Dottie Werner
Washington Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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