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Letter: Biden, not Trump, is behaving like an autocrat


President Donald Trump was repeatedly accused of being an autocrat. What do you think we have under President Joe Biden and company now? We have a COVID-19 crisis, a border crisis, a financial crisis and the shameful legacy of leaving Americans and our allies behind in Afghanistan to be tortured and murdered.

We have a president who only seems lucid for a few minutes at a time and a vice president whose only talent is her stupid cackle when questioned. Neither will hold a press conference open to all questions in front of the American people. That’s autocracy.

Neither Biden nor his military leadership have taken responsibility for the Afghanistan debacle. In fact, they called it a successful withdrawal.

The person who was reprimanded was 17-year Marine veteran Lt. Col. Stuart Schellar for simply asking for accountability. He was arrested and thrown in the brig. These are things you hear about in communist countries. It shouldn’t happen in America.

Think about it, we’re firing police and other first responders along with health care workers for not being vaccinated against COVID-19, yet 1.7 million illegal immigrants entered the country over the past year, and about 20% of them had some kind of illness, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

America, please wake up before we’re all woke.

Keith Folk

Source: Berkshire mont

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