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Letter: Biden should refuse to back down on his agenda


Some letter writers are quick to criticize President Joe Biden’s economic agenda. Many of these critics seem to know very little about inflation, the state of the pandemic, critical race theory, economic inequality or other financial matters. People often seek simple solutions to complex problems. They think they know more than experts because of propaganda from social media.

Republicans and their media cronies have mastered the art of short, emotionally loaded phrases to manipulate voters. Despite their simplistic lies, polls show that a majority of citizens support most of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

The president scored a major victory with the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. This creates good-paying jobs, fixes roads and bridges, improves rail and water systems, brings broadband to rural communities, and slows global warming.

Biden should not back down on vaccine mandates or on his economic agenda. As the virus recedes and consumers start to shift demand from goods to services, some of the supply chain pressures and high prices will lessen. Job production and the stock market have never been higher.

Voters will support rational approaches to social problems. Democrats must show that they can help people and save lives. They must also show that they can make government work for everyone.

Richard A. Weiherer

Source: Berkshire mont

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