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Letter: Biden’s support of abortion is unacceptable

I need to respond to two of the “Questions to ponder as we enter the new year” (Reading Eagle, Jan. 3).
Why do some Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden? It’s because he supports the killing of babies via abortion. I cannot follow any person who supports murdering babies.

How much does a denial of science factor into our political polarization? Science has proved that abortion slaughters babies. Induced abortion for animals, cats, dogs and mothers kills kittens, puppies and babies. Some politicians are not following the science.

Children are trusting by nature; they trust adults. Children in the womb cannot speak, but they kick, move about and can feel pain.

Here are my questions that society needs to ponder as we enter the new year:

Does society really need science to prove that deliberate abortion terminates living baby animals and living babies who have a soul?

Is preplanned abortion going after a specific living baby or is it truly safe and legal, high-quality reproductive health care for both mother and child?

Can we stop aborting our children?

Stephen Deysher
Rockland Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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