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Letter: Black Lives Matter is hurting U.S. schools


A friend of mine’s son just graduated from a private high school. During his senior year he served on the student council. They had a Black and a white student council. These teachers should be teaching these young people unity and mutual respect, not introducing them to segregation.

I believe this to be a direct fallout from the Black Lives Matter movement. When the color of anyone’s skin takes precedence over anything, everyone loses.

Our system today has no middle ground. They think you right a wrong by doing the same wrong in the opposite direction. No one of any color should have the bar lowered to achieve a goal.

I believe Hank Aaron to be the greatest home run hitter who ever lived. He did it without any help from performance-enhancing drugs. I don’t think they moved the outfield walls in closer for him.

I have a shoutout for BLM: 350,000 Union soldiers died fighting in the Civil War, because Black lives mattered.

Ralph Kreider
Muhlenberg Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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