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Letter: Cartoon attacking Biden an insult to older people


I’ve been sitting on this. It’s been gnawing at me. The editorial cartoon in the Jan. 5 Reading Eagle was way off-base and insulting. It was a spoof on the classic New Year’s cartoon, an old man carrying a scythe representing the old year being pushed out by a baby wearing a sash signifying the new year. But here the incoming and outgoing years are portrayed as decrepit old men. And both are caricatures of our president, the incoming using a cane and wearing a diaper.

I’m 80 and vigorous. I’m physically active — as are my bicycling buddies of similar age. I rode the 75-mile Bike MS City to Shore this past year. I carry multiple volunteer responsibilities in our community. And, my cognitive abilities are well up to the requirements of my job as a forensic pathologist.

There are many my age who equal or exceed my vigor and productivity, including President Joe Biden. He is doing his job with remarkable energy under extreme national duress on many fronts. I’d say he’s indefatigable.

This cartoon is a blatant example of ageism and should not have been published. It mischaracterizes not only our president but the senior population of Berks County.

Neil A. Hoffman, MD
Spring Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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