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Letter: Columnist right to draw attention to issue of abuse


Dave Mowery wrote an excellent article on “Recognizing red flags of abuse” (Oct. 31) in response to the note from Francine Scoboria, communications coordinator for Safe Berks.

Listing the red flags, signs of abuse and where to find help makes it easy for all of us to cut out and keep for reference.
Domestic abuse is a possibly deadly danger to the victim, children and the abuser. We have seen all of this happen in our community.

The victim may not see a way to take care of herself/himself and possibly their children, either physically and financially. Safe Berks can help, with many resources available, free and confidential.

In addition, as a community, I suggest that we also focus on prevention:

  1. Training for young people, how to avoid being a victim or an abuser.

  2. Resources to help abusers change their destructive behavior.

Thank you to Mowery for informing everyone about domestic violence. Thank you to Safe Berks for being a safe place and for providing valuable resources for victims and their families. Thank you for identifying the signs and red flags of abuse and the resources available, so that we may help someone to get the help they need.

May God show us his way to end domestic violence in our community.

Sandra O. Myskowski
Spring Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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