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Letter: Columnist unfair to star Chiefs’ receiver


I disagree with Bob Grotz’s Feb. 9 column (“Travis Kelce’s comment on drinking with Patrick Mahomes short-sighted”) Just because Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s son Britt had a bad experience involving alcohol, Travis can’t talk about having beers with Mahomes? Come on, Bob.

Grotz wrote that he did not intend to rip Chiefs tight end Kelce or imply any disrespect to Reid. It sure sounded like that to me. Grotz contended that what Kelce said was totally unfair to Reid, his son Britt and the 5-year-old who was seriously injured in a DUI crash involving the younger Reid.

With one of the biggest games of Kelce’s career days away, that was probably the furthest thing from his mind.
With all the positive stories surrounding the Super Bowl, we didn’t need something like this.

On an unrelated note, kudos to Jay Leininger for his Feb. 20 letter, “It’s time to put an end to entitlement mentality.” It was the best article I have read in years.

Ralph Kreider
Muhlenberg Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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