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Letter: Commentary on nurse’s COVID-19 death misses the mark


The letter regarding the tragic death of intensive care nurse Deanna Reber (“Nurse with health issues shouldn’t work in an ICU,” Reading Eagle, Oct. 6) misses the mark.

I’ve had the privilege of working collaboratively with Deanna and many other ICU nurses like her at Reading Hospital. As a co-worker who is not a nurse, I was especially blessed to hear the numerous wonderful tributes and accolades shared about her by her co-workers, her family and friends.

It was clear to me, as I deeply listened to those stories, that Deanna, at her core, was a consummate ICU nurse. In her life, she could no less do what she did in her environment of choice than what the brave firefighters, police and other New York first responders did as they entered the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, in order to rescue those trapped on the upper floors.

Deanna, like so many other nurses in the ICU and elsewhere throughout the hospital, is no less heroic. She blessed many with her life and her work and we are all better off as a result of her caring for this community.

The Rev. Tom Adil
Robeson Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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