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Letter: Critics of America should leave everyone else alone


I have a solution for those who claim to hate America and want to burn or disrespect our flag. Prove how much you dislike it by defecting to a place you believe is better. If it’s socialism you crave, try Venezuela, France, Norway, etc. If communism is your cup of tea, try Cuba, China or North Korea. Go anywhere you think is better, but please let the rest of us enjoy our American greatness as we have for almost 250 years — unified, strong and free.

I think America’s decline started under President Barack Obama with his desire to fundamentally change America. I believe American division began with him and is still being strongly influenced by his remaining Marxist, socialist puppets in Washington.

The promotion of disharmony, the call to defund and disrespect police, etc., are all ploys to divide and conquer America. We’re being played like a fiddle; let’s not fall for it.

Please keep praying for America.

Dottie Werner
Washington Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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