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Letter: Democrats deserve blame for cities’ migrant crisis


New York Mayor Eric Adams has announced that the illegal migrant crisis will “destroy New York City.” That’s obvious. Yet Adams’ support of New York’s sanctuary city status is a direct cause of the problem. Democrats originated the concept of sanctuary cities.

Democratic mayors instructed local law enforcement to ignore immigration status and not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in enforcing the law. Guess what? The genius of those policies is none other than President Joe Biden, who in his first week in office stopped construction of the border wall that the Trump administration had already paid for, effectively opening our border. In recent weeks the Biden administration attempted to sell unused parts intended for the border wall for pennies on the dollar.

For Adams to blame Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for creating the problem is disingenuous at best and flat-out stupid in reality. This problem is owned by Biden and Democratic governors and mayors who lacked the intelligence and foresight to see the ramifications of their idiotic agendas.

By the way, these policies will not just destroy New York City, they will destroy the entire country. They can’t blame former President Donald Trump for this one, but I am sure they will try.

David Rupp
Alsace Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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