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Letter: Democrats’ energy plans would devastate economy


The current reconciliation package being considered by Congress is replete with new tax increases that will affect Pennsylvanians. Most concerning among those tax hikes are the new proposed taxes on energy.

Pennsylvania is an energy state — with more than 339,000 jobs tied to the energy industry in some way, according to the American Petroleum Institute.

This is no surprise, considering that 20% of the nation’s natural gas production is derived from the Marcellus shale, according the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

This wealth of energy access has immense value for our state, with over $1.7 billion in economic benefit.

With this in mind, why are members of Congress seriously considering provisions that will undercut both our state and our national energy prosperity?

Provisions in the bill Congress is considering would increase our energy costs by foisting a clean electricity standard on Pennsylvania.

This will force economical energy sources such as natural gas out of our fuel mix by mandating increased use of more expensive energy sources such as wind and solar.

The increased costs will be passed on to us, the American people. With such a standard in place, we can expect higher costs on everything from our food to consumer goods. How does this make sense in the middle of a sluggish economic recovery with growing inflation?

I think our leaders in Washington need to look elsewhere before they try to jack up the prices on our goods.

Terri Clark
West Chester

Source: Berkshire mont

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