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Letter: Democrats have produced big mess in America


What a mess the Democrats have manufactured for this country. We have a president who doesn’t know the meaning of “recession.” The definition has been accepted since World War II, but not by President Joe Biden. We have a newly installed Supreme Court justice — Ketanji Brown Jackson — who can’t define what a “woman” is, and we have a secretary of homeland security — Alejandro Mayorkas — who is unable to determine the difference between an open and closed border.

Throw in the fact that we have an attorney general in Merrick Garland who would rather prosecute parents than perpetrators and there’s not a lot to be positive about concerning the future of this country.

Like most agendas promoted by the Democratic Party, they sound good but they just don’t work. All major cities controlled by the Democrats are abject failures. In their defense, it is difficult to solve problems when you are too dumb to recognize or define them. I’m hoping Biden recognizes “recession” before he has to deal with “secession.”

David Rupp
Alsace Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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