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Letter: Don’t applaud politicians who impede real progress


During a trip to the Lake Wallenpaupack area, I visited the old silk factory in Hawley. I was appalled to find that the entire time the plant was in operation the workforce consisted of girls age 8 to 17. Most of them couldn’t go home after work; rather they roomed at a large dormitory next to the factory.

The Oct. 6 Reading Eagle contained a letter praising Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for blocking President Joe Biden’s social infrastructure plan. The plan fights climate change, gives tax credits to young families, pays for child care and pre-kindergarten, lowers the cost of prescription drugs and helps families with elder care costs. It is estimated that the policy will positively affect 90% of the American population. I can’t understand cheering on these politicians who were blocking a policy that would benefit so many Americans and cost most of us nothing more in taxes. Would people who oppose this bill rail against politicians of the past who were trying to eliminate child labor and sweatshops?

The past administration passed a tax bill that gave the very rich and large corporations a whopping $7 trillion tax break. This administration is trying to pass a bill that will give a tax break to the average Joe and Jane. It’s about time our government helps make the life of the average American easier, healthier and more financially secure.

Thomas Posey
Yardley, Bucks County
Editor’s note: Posey is formerly of Reading.

Source: Berkshire mont

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