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Letter: Dying smoke detectors a big nuisance in Reading


A new problem has reared its noisy head in Reading. Smoke detectors. Every day, and almost every hour, I hear a “chirp” sound. That means a smoke detector is dying.

Far too many never replace or get a new detector. Too many neighbors do nothing about what grows from a slight inconvenience to a constant source of annoyance. People can’t sleep if their building has no insulation, noise-canceling headphones are a big question mark and even earbuds are no guarantee.

Mayor Eddie Moran keeps saying that Reading has improved. But as the problems continue, smoke detectors have become a new villain in the city. We need a fundraiser of overstocked stores with smoke detectors or door-to-door salesmen of detectors; otherwise, this will never be solved.

Justin Sheluga

Source: Berkshire mont

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