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Letter: Editorial on civility offers a most welcome message


Thank you for your Aug. 18 editorial (“Rising anger at school boards needs to cease”). It very concisely summed up the issue this way: “School board members don’t deserve to be harassed, ridiculed, yelled at or threatened at a public meeting, via email, on social media or in the grocery store.”
In that one sentence, the editorial provides concrete examples of behaviors that should not be tolerated and in what forums. Thanks for the sorely needed civics lesson on civility and respect.

The behavior we witness today in our public forums is disappointing and reflects poorly on all of us as a community. However, let’s admit that the behavior exists because too little is done to stand up to it.

In addition, bad behavior brings undeserved attention in public settings. With nothing to lose from throwing public temper tantrums and much to gain from it, how can anyone be surprised that this has come to be seen as a legitimate way to express one’s point of view?

We should all insist on better (civil and respectful) public expression.

This editorial’s thoughtful examination of events occurring right now in our community, shows a way for us to start improving.

Mark Smith
Brecknock Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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