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Letter: Education commentary smacks of class bigotry


I’m writing regarding Will Wood’s Aug. 20 commentary (“State must invest in higher ed”).
Since he’s a veteran, I thank him for his service to our country. But his class bigotry taints his comments about school funding.

He should explain why he thinks it’s unfortunate that wealthy families are “allowed” to buy into high-performing school districts. Should wealthy families only be allowed to move into low-performing school districts? Not even communist countries have tried that.

We have a U.S. Department of Education, a Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Pennsylvania State Education Association, who jointly direct, oversee, and control the public education system. If they were effective, wouldn’t we have uniformly good schools for all children? But we don’t. That’s why many politicians, and many public school teachers, send their children to private schools. He avoids dealing with that issue.

He believes that we should use state taxpayers’ money to make college affordable for everyone, which is a great idea. But before he starts throwing more money at our higher education system, I’d like to have the people running that system answer one simple question — why, from 1978 to 2021, has the cost of college risen 1,323.52%, while the Consumer Price Index has risen only 301.63%?

William H. Rissmiller
Exeter Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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