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Letter: Ex-president’s obsessions are splintering his party


“Obsession with Jan. 6 overlooks 2020 rioting” (Reading Eagle, Nov. 15) claims that the Jan. 6 insurrection-riot was merely a protest and that videos showed “people who broke in … walked around the place not destroying … or killing anyone.” That view is misinformed.

The facts are that the former president directed the crowd to the Capitol after lying for months about a stolen election. He continues to promote the Big Lie about the 2020 election to the point that his actions are a threat to the Republican Party. He has declared war on Republicans who want the American people to learn what happened on Jan. 6, who instigated it and how it was paid for as well as on GOP lawmakers who voted for the infrastructure bill that will improve our roads, bridges, bring broadband internet to rural areas and more. The man who lost the presidency, the House and the Senate is splintering the party.

Unfortunately the Republican Party is fighting with Big Bird and seems to be against public health by playing politics with COVID-19. It would rather talk about culture wars (religion, abortion, not wearing masks) than govern and seems to want the government to fail.

Not since Herbert Hoover has a president lost the presidency and his party’s majority in both houses of Congress. The motivation for being a President Donald Trump supporter is hard to understand, but whatever it is, the Republican Party is taking a big hit.

Thomas Gery
Lower Alsace Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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