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Letter: FBI fails to focus on real dangers facing America


With all of the illegal immigrants invading America, skyrocketing crime rates and the lack of justice or accountability for the Black Lives Matter rioters, don’t you feel much safer knowing that the FBI placed a high priority on silencing school parents who have the audacity to question what’s being taught to their children?

Let’s see, wasn’t it the FBI that knew the Russian dossier involving Donald Trump was fake and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Democratic machine, but did nothing about it? And wasn’t it the FBI led by James Comey that questioned Clinton about subpoenaed emails that she destroyed? Ironically, Comey didn’t have her put under oath or have her interview recorded. As a result, she could never be charged with lying under oath. Pretty cozy, huh?

Next we had the Olympic gymnasts who were sexually abused by Dr. Larry Nassar. They reported his crimes to the FBI, and again nothing was done.

It’s downright scary to realize what powers can either be silenced or unleashed if you have political bias or are corrupt. Maybe that’s what this country deserves for electing a mail-order president.

Pray for America’s freedom. We’re losing it daily.

Keith Folk

Source: Berkshire mont

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