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Letter: Gerrymandering at root of problems in Congress


The crisis in the U.S. House of Representatives should alarm us. Recently, a few ultraconservatives ousted the speaker because he joined with Democrats to pass a temporary spending bill. It was reported that their districts were gerrymandered in a way that makes it virtually impossible for them to lose an election.

Gerrymandering has always been around, as both parties can benefit from setting up districts that favor their side staying in power. After each census, the party in charge has the ability to design and set district boundaries to its advantage. No matter the lines, challenges are brought by the other party, even though they would do the same if they were in charge.

Though these ideas for a solution are not new, they would accomplish the needed changes: First, establish a state redistricting council with representatives appointed by the Democratic and Republican parties, minor parties and the governor. The state Supreme Court would select three independents who are specialists in population dynamics

Most voters despise the present process and we can do better. Rather than waiting until the next round of redistricting, let’s begin to work on the process now. The parties need to do the right thing. Of course, if we can’t pass a complete budget, what are the chances of preparing for 2030?

Clyde Myers
Upper Bern Township

Source: Berkshire mont

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