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Letter: Good help available for mental health issues


I wish to give thanks to the entire staff of Tower Behavioral Health. The nurses, the techs and kitchen staff were excellent. I was given a safe place to focus on myself. Using process groups and skill groups I learned more about my disease and to manage it. You had to be open to the program and honest with yourself.

People with mental illness are sick. It is not a lack of willpower. Willpower is a myth, it does not exist. We are taught how to manage our emotions. Trauma hurts all of us in the same way; we simply express grief differently. Suppressing these emotions leads to silent pain.

The signs of depression are a feeling of worthlessness, helpless or hopeless; feeling sad, down or blue most days; a loss of interest in work or things you used to enjoy; trouble sleeping or sleeping too much; eating more or less than is normal for you.

The signs of suicide are active thinking of suicide or having intrusive thoughts of suicide; planning for an attempt; talking or writing about suicide; feeling you would be better off dead and it is the only way out; feeling a need to write a will or give away things; risk taking or hurting yourself; purchasing a weapon.

Help is out there. You are important and you deserve to have good things happen to you. And remember, it takes strength to seek help and open up about your deepest secrets.

Michael Babb

Source: Berkshire mont

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